2007 fast forward…..

But then so many things are happening out there and I am just simply finding it irresitable to sit quiet.

This one was last heard: Schumi in Toyota?????????

May be Yes is the answer, so it is 50:50 krack jack or brittania…..nope its Ferarri : Toyota, and the best part is that they have not ruled out the possibility…………….I am just lost for words to think how to see Micheal in that white overalls, or that white car ……..an that red will be lost???

So what exactly is happening, I have read many a history how the redz /Ferrari was a team which Micheal grew with and it was complementary to both parties. Barrichello wud vouch for it. It was Micheal and it meant Ferrari and vice versa it applied to be true…..anyways lets watch out for the happenings….

The best part is that the Manager Mr Weber had taken refuge of a slogan used by Toyota which reads as ”Nothing is impossible” I wud prefer to put it in lighter positive note ”In F1 everything is possible”, if Vodafone can be lured to Mc Laren as principal sponsor and if Michelin can call it a day and Alex Wurz comes all of a sudden dashing our Indian Racers dream role at Williams everything is possible……….

2007 is already here as far as F1 is concerned. Anyways this season seems a lot of things politics at its very best situation and much more…

Indian F1 fan