the new (r)age of babudom!

It might be sheer imagination or a script gone wrong for all the Software guys. Add the already melting global cues and spice it up with Satyam, you get a more bitter wine which wont go down your throat.

I have chat with some of my friends who just wonder whether they have missed the boat. Well we were talking about being in Government Service, the pay slip would read some 4 digit to five digit with some 300 odd rupees increment. That is just old and history to be precise. The 6th pay commission has a great leverage for all the babus right from the Peon. Never mind he rakes in most in the intra day trading (not the shares) that he does normally.

The next in line is the teaching fraternity who have hit the ball for a six. They just cannot get enough free time these days to calculate how much they can take home. Its true that it was long overdue. The management institutions must be in real fix these days never would have thought they have to forego so much in salary when they started the college some few years back.

It all started when one reputed institution took the lead in announcing the Sixth pay commission much ahead of the Govt institutions…so it goes…

Needless to say the people in the IAS, IPS are the luckiest lot. My only concern is will this bring down corruption because it was seen as an alibi for bad payscales.

On the other front the Services have not been given their credit and due. Poor people because they have no say in voting a popular government….:(

Anyways hope this ushers in a rejuvenated class of teaching and govt fraternity to help the next generation scale higher peaks of glory…