The universal song of the divine….

I have been thinking of the Bhagavad Geeta and its universal appeal especially to management practitioners. During my early days of spiritual journey, there was this easy portrayal of the Bhagavad Geetha in the way it is started and ended. Incidentally the Holy Book starts with a Dhrathrashtra uvacha – read Dhrathrashtra said and the last 700th recital is Sanjaya Uvacha meaning Sanjaya said.

The very idea of these two characters is pretty insightful. The King Dhrathrashtra is a blind king and its like he is blind to all the shortcomings of his sons and how they try to manipulate the show. Not necessarily that you have to be physically blind, but in case you are blind to injustice it is more than equal that you are blind literally.

What follows is common knowledge nevertheless the ideal situation of taking the Holy Verse starting with Dhrathrashtra is an land mark idea. As for the ending by an un equal charioteer Sanjaya with words of wisdom. The best part here is that Sanjaya at the time of this narration is endowed with special powers to see the live broadcast of the war (which CNN pioneered during the Kuwaiti occupation it was done.

Therefore the end expected us to be people with value though Sanjaya was not the upper caste and it has been happening well…
Sanjaya though was a good person and was bestowed with a great vision. It has to be seen in this light that management practitioners have to really think the way Sanjaya does and do the walking the talk.