So whats so great about extracurriculars…

I chanced on this blog when I was searching for something on HR. This put new light on how the people make their time worthwhile even when they are not working. Check it out here.

I have always been an extra curricular guy so it struck me that it had a lot to do with what I am doing right now.

I still remember some questions I had for my first formal interview, well it was for a copywritersome 12 years back, so it should have been that may be.

What was your favorite book, favorite author?

How often do you take a walk to the nearest library?

How often do you refer a Dictionary? and when was the last time you did?

What does the word ‘tangible’ mean? Honestly I didnt know the answer. I had the guts to arrive for an interview for a copywriter!
and the list goes on…

I have taken a cue from this and when time was on my side.. I have asked some question on team work and sportsmanship. This I believe has to be a real trait we need to recognise and nurture.

Some questions I have are:

Ever been a sportman?

Favorite sport and favorite player?

Any incident to show that you were a team player could be the most trivial things we think of?

How have you led your team in the hour of crisis?

How many times have you taken responsibility for something which went wrong?

Hobbies?? or and any physical activities ?

And it goes….

Well it is a matter of the individual to present it in a perspective to achieve what we are trying to see and appreciate.

Nevertheless these provide an insight into the person and how he relives the occasion with pride or just bluffing it, the body language would show.

So extracurriculars actually take you on road to making you little extra professional in your own right.

R Senthilkumar