Valentine’s day

I think this time around the way the valentines day was celebrated was much over hyped and over rated to the extent that main stream media (MSM) had reported them in the front page. Probably the Mangalore incident was the key. It has always been the habit of the english mogering media that they take up cudgels only when some one of their folk are attacked.

Not to go into the merits of the Mangalore incident, even if by their own yardstick the media actually got it late in fact after almost some 36 hours after the real incident, and there was this silly one up man ship too.

In all this one man and his cultural outfit a misnomer either way has got undue and unprecedented coverage. As a student of PR, we have been taught to rationalise any PR you get whether it was good or bad, you can take a decision and make it worthwhile. So here there was this unknown Ram Sene today has become the hosehold name all with some idiotic idea they got. Now if Mr. Muthalik for all his ideals comes with a statement and he allows thing like they should be then you know the mileage he has already got without spending a naya paisa.

On the other side I am at a loss to understand how the MSM has taken its stand vis a vis non chalant reporting of real problems of woman, be it dowry, illiteracy, working conditions, sexual harrasment etc…

My whole inspiration to scribble this was a vernacular daily which screamed “Jolly” in a headline… which went on to read how the lovers had celebrated the day.. some useful stuff!!! lol

Anyways this is become a nuisance news every year with rakhi and all that blah blah getting on to the front page…

My only problem and thought was for all those majority of those who didnt have any “valentine” for themselves to celebrate this…:(

Hope their voice be heard in the next valentines day….

R Senthilkumar