The Brand YOU

How do you make a mark in your career, workplace, your social circle and the society or community you live in. What makes you distinct the one up above the average and gives you the extra edge to be a reckoning professional. Thinking of all such ideas would make you feel that you have been a brand persona without being too evident and if you can analyse that you will find that you have been associated with some qualities which is akin to brand attributes.

In todays world where it is a over crowded market place even for personal relationship or the work place it is pretty clear that we need to differentiate ourselves to be heard and listened to.

It is this aspect that is shouting you as a Brand YOU.

Come to think of it what are the traits that you think would make you a Brand. Your name is the brand and ofcourse how much leverage does that give you among your peers.

Do a small introspection to see where you stand amidst the core group or are you leading the pack.

Its not only for the Bollywood stars that branding is relevant, it so relevant even to us, the common man.

Just a little gyan from Rajesh Shetty the man behind the best seller “Beyond Code.” find it here

See ya

R Senthilkumar