The First race weekend is here…

The Formula 1 circus as we all love to call it will start at the Albert Park in Melbourne, Australia.

This time around the stakes are high with lot of pace and new systems of KERS in place. Slicks are back, and the rear wings are high and what not.

If testing were any indication there were surprises in store and guess what, the new team from nowhere a few days ago, Brawn GP made the headlines topping the timesheet at Barcelona and Jerez. The other news was ofcourse McLaren struggling to hold on to pace with atleast a second off than the fastest car. Adding to the misery was a crash too…

The betting place has now put another Briton on top, you guessed it Jenson Button to win the Australian GP. We got to wait and see. The best part is that Brawn GP is powered by a Mc Laren Mercedes engine. 🙂

The Ferrari and the BMW are also looking good so too are the Renaults. This season opener is more significant for all the reasons which are off the track….read the article here

The teams are all upbeat this time around and hopefully there should be a cracker of a contest on the race track than ever before. All the drivers hopefully think they can use KERS to their advantage at different times.

The slicks they say are real fun to drive around and at Albert part its gonna be real test of strength and character for the teams as they battle it out for the first win of the season.

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