The news was shocking as much as bitter for the fans of motorsports especially when it is has a message of Rest In Peace. I went to bed with an official update from FIA Safety official that Henry Surtees after that crash in the F2 race at Brands Hatch has been stabilized and is in a London Hospital only to see this morning that he is no more.

I have had to watch this F2 series, an Indian intent with Armaan Ebrahim in the race. Only two weeks back we were told of his accident and there was this assurance that “safety” records of the motorsports in general, and especially for the drivers and personnel safety on the track and off it. Armaan crashed and hit the armcore at over 200 kph. He was geting back and did race in the last race yesterday.

Watching last week’s television coverage on F1 with ESPN Star Sports (Official Broadcaster Asia Region), I was really stumped by a viewer question, on how the Brawn GP team was allowed to operate a pit stop without the helmets for its mechs, the footage revealed it true and glare, the incident in question had thrown all safety measures to wind. The answer ofcourse was that FIA would have taken note of it.

Coming back to Surtees Incident, it was not a bit of his fault, how unlucky should that talent called Henry be, with a podium just weeks ago to his name and making his intent on following his father the great John Surtees.

The television video showed how out of nowhere he was involved with a tyre going all the way to hit his helmet and his car going straight crashing and spinning all over.

That a wonderful and great talent has been shortcircuited in an accident, is of great shame to the sports, though we cannot blame anyone in particular.

My deepest and sincere condolences to the family and his team in this moment of grief. We pray his soul REST IN PEACE.