Roger Federer wins another epic match

Its always a treat to watch Federer and we thought only a Fedex Nadal encounter would be worth every penny, Andy Roddicks proved it wrong today at the Center Court, Wimbledon. Soon after the match was won by the legend Federer as I write this, the crowd went on chanting Roddick Andy and he was moved so much he stood and acknowledged them.

The final match went on till 14-12 in favour of Federer. The legends, Pete, and several others were in attendance to see the making of history and the making of another legend. With 15 grand slams and more to come as Pete put it after the match, he is a history and he is a champion par excellence.

The best compliment Andy had was from his tormentor today Fedex himself, when he said I don’t know this match would have gone to tomorrow.

Andy was gracious though tears seemed to over power him and he was there through out till the end of the ceremony. It was so close and it was so far a miss between the cup and the lip.

And as Federer said in every game there is a winner and there is a loser and today I was lucky.

Great match!!!