A day of new found confidence

I was at Kongu Arts & Science College, for a 2-day training session for the students of the dept of mathematics. The sessions went off very well except that we would have had better opportunity if we had more time.

This was just a starter for them and we were able to interact better on the second day. A new found confidence for them and I made my debut in the vernacular language yesterday and today. I was OK in Tamil not bad considering the fact that I have not been a Tamil speaker any moment of my life. I owe this vernacular transformation to a known audience to one of our eminent trainers Mr. Nasser from JCI. A big thank you sir. Hopefully I would love to master this language as a speaker.

On getting to basics and having a understated tone and a natural accent, I think the feedback from Ameet Sir has had an impact. Big Thanks to Ameet Sir too.

I think I will be able to spend time with students from now on without any language barrier which was a problem earlier with respect to Tamil.

Good experience in all.