BJP’s divide within


Of late after the poll debacle, which was too little to much to digest having yielded ground for the Congress and other parties regional in states it was always going to be tough. Sometimes they would never consider themselves as opposition party is what political pundits say. But they put a great show inthe first session of the Parliament.

The cracks were all there to see, in the party with a difference. Still the Jaswant and his Jinnah writings has made the party the toast of the media. There wasn’t a news worth of breaking news or developing story after the media had indeed created enough panic with Swine flu and its effects.

And all of a sudden, BJP’s stalwarts are hogging enough media space, be it any of the prime time shows, walk the talk, (Idea version is “walk when you talk), then Devils’ Advocate, ( I saw this as a sticker behind an advocates car) Frankly speaking and what not. They have even surpassed the swayamvar and Miss universe trps on news channels.

So what is that is making it big news so much so that my favourite morning paper The Hindu ran an editorial a second time in as many weeks on a national party assumes significance of that party and what the future holds. Not to mention there are enough ideologicals and part time writers giving it ideas to overcome this and how to rein in the party.

The Alice in the Buderland was another classic example of how things are not well at the party. I am not here to say about the politics involved about the party but I must say that any PR (good or bad is your take on it but) is always a good one. They are getting so much PR for nothing that’s my take.

Here’s the principal opposition party trying to wade through the waters of the past and struggling to find the feet to the next gen future. I believe though not a political analyst, this is common in every party, even congress had this to overcome after the defeat at the hands of BJP.

Anyways we will wait to see how it all ends up hopefully well, for the country as well as for all those who matter at the ballots.

A concerned Indian Citizen