Its an election day at my place…

All the details are the same except that we had elections because of the resignation of the member of the legislative assembly who has recently joined the ruling party. It was essentially a home coming for Mr. Kannappan when he went to DMK and he had vacated the seat.

Now I should tell you we were treated to the most important voter status, there are many reasons to it I shall tell you some of them. This is happening when the principal opposition party decided to boycott polls. Two, it is a chance to reaffirm the ruling party’s commitment to the voters and get a stamp of approval. As regards our constituency, it is the largest in TamilNadu and it turned out to be a great campaign unleashed by the DMK and Congress combine. We had the deputy chief minister campaign for us. We had P Chidambaram, we had Kanimozhi and lot of local leaders canvassing for the Congress candidate.

I had an exam to write in the morning session and then I just went to vote and found there was no queue at my ward and came out superfast. I have done my duty as a citizen.

Long live Indian Democracy.