No WADA Compliance Please We Are Indian Cricketers!

Thats just water!
Thats just water!

Hello did you hear me? If you didn’t, please note, we are Indian Cricket players aka BCCI, and we have nothing to do with the WADA terms, in fact we don’t even report to the Government of India. What the heck WADA, what does it mean?

And you want us to tell you our whereabouts, off the ground we have so many work, like shooting ads, being with bollywood babes, and of course sponsor commitment.

Did you say Khel Ratna award, what is that, oh the one the President gives away, which President, sorry, the President of India. Anyways we are an organisation based at Chennai, good old Madras and we have our own accountants and audits duly and well signed by people at the helm. We have a Minister at the Centre Government to take care of all those things, unlike the Hockey players getting late to the airport. Poor chaps what to do, and they still call Hockey the national game of India. It should have been Cricket.

Now, I still don’t see why everybody is trying to advice us on WADA, probably they don’t know what the money power of BCCI could do. We cant be fools like all other teams why I heard even Australia has signed on the dotted lines. Ridiculous on them, and people telling us that its mandatory for all Olympic sport to be a part of the WADA regime.

Well we don’t want to be a part of the WADA or whatever you call it as. We have a rigorous schedule and more so our lives are in danger always. You should have seen that after our exit from T20 World Cup. Our houses are targeted and our effigies are burnt. If we give our whereabouts or whatever it will be easy for the terrorists to be following us.

We have always been the special people in Indian cricket and world cricket and that means a lot of special treatment and it includes us being excluded from WADA whereabouts.

And talk of doping we aren’t the kind of people you know who dope, literally or how would you see so many of us being victims of injuries in our last campaign at T20.

I can give you more reason but above all we are Indian cricketers and we are only obliged to BCCI and no one else. WADA can wait and WADA can leave.

Team India

PS: this piece first appeared in and vindication of this stand is at The Hindu Editorial