At last after almost a week…

I have not been able to blog the way I wanted last week with exams in my schedule. With a sigh of relief I am back to business and hopefully be able to be online everyday.

Last week was memorable in many ways, Rahul Gandhi was in town and had an opportunity to meet him. This man has the potential to turn the tide against the erring politicians or at least that’s the hope one gets listening to him. Ofcourse we were told that he was against connecting the rivers, I don’t know why he said that or what he meant when he said that.

It was simply great to listen to him. At his age he is matured and is living a dream and preparing himself. Ofcourse it strikes you that he is no Jagan from AP and thats a positive always.

The F1 has more interesting news for India in Adrian Sutil. He was the unsung man when Fisi did the most remarkable job of putting the Force India Car on pole and made Kimi sweat it out to get his place in the podium at Belgium. This time around it was Adrian’s turn and this show went on to prove that the way FF1 raced was no flash in the pan.

They have literally jumped yards from being into the points to being for the podium. A turnaround for sure and it will be great if we can see this continue in the next year.

Alongside, Bernie was not happy at Karun not being invited to Force India F1 for the seat that Fisi vacated to join Ferrari which even Mallya termed as the dream of any F1 driver and more so of an Italina F1 driver and they supported the fruition of such dream for Fisi.

Exams are a nervous things by itself. Sometimes we begin to wonder what has gone into the minds of the Question paper setter, so much so that he thinks we need to know everything to master that subject in theory not so much in practical terms. I was sad that we did not have a single question in practical mode to suggest a solution. Long live my University.

Will catch up.