Lots of things….news analyses…

I think I am putting finger to keyboard after a long time literally to sit and scribble my thoughts… Last week was a learning experience for me with my new sessions at Sri Ramakrishna and Kongunadu Arts.

It was definitely good to see people actually treating Branding as a subject. I thought it might not cut ice, but it was surprise when they actually related so easy to it.

on the F1 front, the rumour mill had enough of this story of Alonso and the Ferrari and today it ground to a halt with an official announcement from the Italian outfit. Alonso will partner Massa and Fisichella in the next year.

So Kimi will be released and more importantly Kubica will arrive as No.1 at Renault. Kimi to Mclaren alongside Lewis? We are awaiting a formal announcement soon.

Now it the Air India which took to Jet Style, sorry the pilots I mean took to sick leave leaving the national carrier grounded for over four days. Missing was the effevescent Mr. Praful Patel during this time.

Sorely missing Mr. Shashi Tharoor too  and his tweets… 🙁

In the idiot box tube the reality is taking too much of a strain with the kids barely a year old making their debut at the NDTV Imagine reality show after Rakhi’s Swayamvar.

Talking of Rakhi, theres Rahul Mahajan who’s doing Act II of searching his bride to be on a reality show… waiting to see whats up for the eyeballs, surely the TRPS are bound to be high knowing pretty well how playboyish Rahul is. The news is that his wife will not participate in the show. I wonder what Pramod Mahajan is thinking looking down from heaven?

On the climate change front the powers that be are looking to make it happen. Lets hope to save the future for future’s sake.

That’s it for now…