Prakash Raj – The Best Actor

Recently, I happened to watch the film Gilli, starring well Vijay, Trisha and ofcourse Prakash Raj. My friend commented, if not for Prakash Raj and the ‘Chellam’ dialogue, the film would have fared pretty bad.

I am not a big critic, nevertheless, I have had the opportunity of watching him perform on stage at close quarters and what I am narrating is almost 11 years ago. The time when Iruvar was all over the place, though not a commercial movie, it was a class act by Mohanlal and ofcourse Prakash Raj.

It was at Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts and Science for Women and the event was Symphony an inter collegiate culturals.

Prakash Raj was the chief guest and know what everybody wanted him to do the famous dialogue in Iruvar.

A little hesitant at first, he did tell us sets were different and college stages were different, he said you cannot ask a doctor to perform live an operation on stage. So too an actor cannot just do it on stage. But the demaind was much more to this explanation and so he did it the way it was and the applause followed and it was great show and it can only be done by well ofcourse Prakash Raj.

Then at the end of all the ceremonies, I approached him for an autograph, well I had only some certificate which I thought must be a good souvenir to be signed up for. He gladly obliged and asked me what I was doing. I told him I was pursuing B.Sc Physics and I have always like him but I want him not to be a villain. He just smiled and said, that’s only on the sets.

We chatted for a long time may be 35 minutes on various topics and how dreams were important. He had this to say, only we could dream for ourselves as much as anything else anybody do for us, its not going to work.

Its free and nobody got to pay for that, and once you stop dreaming it means an end to your pursuit whatever you wanted to do.

That was a cherishing occasion except that I dont have a photgraph, never the less, whenever I see him on screen the smile come to my mind and the words he shared flashes across.

Some of the best movies later were produced by Prakash Raj and the best part is he gets into the act without any humps an it so much to see him true to the character. Mozhi was a landmark film and so too was Abhiyum Naanum. Awesome characters in both the films.

In yet another film, Azhakiya Theeyae, its an awesome preformance, absolutely catching and makes those two people get together though he is being taken for a ride.

The way he slips into the character shoes, shows his remarkable ability as a actor par excellence. Any character, positive or negative its worth a watch if you get know Prakash Raj is a part of the show.

As for this film, Kancheevaram, it was making news and was given a standing ovation at most of the International Film Festivals. It is a subtle act and it has come across as a great one and well Priyadarshan needed an award too and it has come together with this.

Congrats Sir, hats off you deserved it long long ago.