Mr. Chidambaram has his hands full…

This time around the Naxal menace is creeping up as a monster and imagine being backed by high flying and well articulated intellectuals, the government will have a tough time to make them see reason.

The reason I am writing this is the CNN IBN Interview of Arundhati Roy and the recent train drama this afternoon.

These words are powerful though I don’t know the repercussions in the long run.  In the course of the interview she said these lines… ” What the Muslims were to the BJP, the Maoists are to the Congress”

Has the Indian democracy a failed state? To me its absolutely true. Ask me why I can say why not!

The so called democracy-lets take a look, the Maharajahs, were a vanquished lot only to be replaced by a few families without title as Maharajahs and todya their claim to the higher post have become a ritual without the real vote behind him. You can always purchase them as if they wer being sold inthe kirana store.

The rich have become the richest and the poor always remained so or became poorer. There are cities and the villages are still dark places to some people.

Another instance of empowering people is the literacy, all these days we have been gettign tthem to be illiterate so that we can always fool them with a freebies and look at how many states govts returned to power on the promise of freebies. We are no Cuba!!! Period.

Theres more that meets the eye. These are not just people being brainwashed into a movement. They are people who are making things happen because they have decided to make it that way.

Unless the governments have an all inclusive approach to the issues we might God forbid, see a bad development into the country in the name of Maoist and Naxals….