Hey Chetan Bhagat twittered thanks!

It’s a wonderful feeling when one of your most loved and favorite writer tweets you back saying thanks, it happened today. The night, day before yesterday was spent sleepless. Did earn the wrath of my mom when she passed my room to see it was 3 in the morning and I had not slept yet.

Well real culprit was 2 States – the new novel by Chetan Bhagat, I took it up the last day and after getting over with my work on Monday, I thought let me finish it off and I did at 4 in the morning….next day.

I promptly went to his website and did my feedback. He is one such author who knows how to reply. (we seldom get replies for fan mail.)

Then I thought boss, he is more active on twitter why not tell him there, sure I did and today when I saw his replies it included my name…@rsenthilkumar

I did think he was best a script writer the way he does his narration so much that we start thinking at times on what is next from him. Pretty cool and the book had one great character in the Dad, the Army Officer. Sometimes Dads are like that.

Anyways had a great time today with a thanks from my fav Chetan Bhagat. Thanks Chetan Bhagat Saab, Thank you very much.

See ya….

R Senthilkumar