Micheal Schumacher comeback…

I have always believed off track events are sometimes more interesting than the 300 kilometers race on track. And when the races ended with the last race being an academic race, it was left to making of new contracts and more over how the new teams would make their line up. For sometime it seemed that it will take pretty long time and sometimes even months to announce the drivers.

When Button signed up at McLaren, it was little disappointing that the man had to leave because of financials. But this year clearly belonged to Button for some reason from the start with a fantastic drive at Australian GP and went on to win the championship though not as everyone expected. But now it seems lost to the PR mania that Schumacher come back has taken on. Ever since Mercedes spilled the news that they were in touch with Schumie for a possible come back, it was the leading story till they culminated with an official story to the effect. Now we have an all German line up backed by a Mercedes brand.

I was delighted to see the man but to be a little frank it took sometime to see him adorn a new set of colors literally. How would Schumacher look in the new livery. For some fans like me who know F1 as Schumacher and Schumacher as F1 it would be really a great tough thing to point the car he will be driving. Or would it be now part Ferrari and part Mercedes loyalty. Pitrat has analysed it in his post.

A red and black/grey combination (most of my countries political flags have this colour), so how do I do it… root for Schumie, and root for Ferrari…tough ask I should say. I would reserve this for the first race, nevertheless, will be watching the most of what happens till the light go out at the first GP.

The year 2009 will be remembered for Schumacher come back than for having created a new World Champion. We can look forward to some exciting racing here when you know that more champions are there vying with one another. It has always been my fancy to see how Lewis would drive along side the seven time champion.

With this official announcement the expectations are only bound to rise. With Ross Brawn and Micheal Schumacher together you can expect nothing short of magic, like I said the driver and team gelling is more time consuming than getting a new aero upgrade. For me, in hindsight it looked like it was bound to happen.

On the other side the Ferrari stable had been very gracious till now, because even when he was retired Schumie made it a point to visit every race possible. Now will there be a vacuum in an already morale-sagged Ferrari team which had a nightmarish weekends sometimes this year.

But this has been a cycle or trend and unless people go all out washing dirty linen in public, it’s all fine and it’s the way it is.

Before I end, Wishing fellow bloggers and the team at Yallaf1.com a Merry Christmas and happy Weekend …

Welcome 2010, you give more reasons for the F1 fans to watch it more than ever. And we thought 2010 would be dull.

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