Telengana all the way….

For some reason when people thought that the mnid night announcement would be a big fix in the turn of events, unimaginably this has led to violent uprising. Its so really tough to imagine how much the brand Hyderabad is losing equity by the minute.

The Media as usual is having a field day. I was totally aghast seeing one Muslim leader in the NDTV show talking how they have been marginalized et al, talk of fishing in troubled waters eh?

I wonder what was the rationale including that man in question for the talk show. Media has the habit of giving you a new perspective they say or is it this? God save my country.

I am now wondering how the people other than politicians think at the moment. If the Osmania university rally was a real turining point I am beginning to think that the 2009 election and other matters dont matter.

Whats your take..?

R Senthilkumar