Karun Chandhok makes it to F1!!!

Senna seated adn KC seated just above
Senna seated & KC seated just above

I have longed to see an Indian colors in the grid and last week was a ray of hope and yesterday I tweeted KC that I just cant wait to see the official confirmation. And lo, it did happen and am very happy for Karun.

The combination seems too good and it presents a good opportunity for Karun to develop and rise to the occasion. With Bruno Senna as team mate the expectations will be much more than usual. On the other hand Bruno himself will have to race under pressure which I presume will be a great help to Karun.

One more factor which works for Karun is that there will less of pressure from people back home since its not like how it was when Narain gate crashed the F1 circuit. I still have those memories when people thought he ought to have won all the races. Imagine Jordan beating the Ferrari would be straight out of comics or sometime the next film script might allow that.

The Indian F1 fan is much more matured and Karun is not the first driver to do the feat and then ofcourse we shall have comparisons. This time around the look of the grid is something pretty awesome what with Ring Master aka King being back. I am referring to Micheal Schumacher. He would be the most watched person.

I think KC’s presence in the grid is more than a reason that I will be regular. Wishing Karun all the very best and hoping that he will do well as much as possible in the given car and hope he beats his team-mate the first competition on the grid.

KC presence should boost a bit on the marketing front vis a vis selling F1 for the Indian audience for an Indian GP in 2011 hopefully.

This should get some relief for all Indian drivers especially after what Mr. Mallya had said. Well hope things will be better for sure. Now will wait to watch the qualifying to see if KC can spring a surprise, I would wait with my fingers crossed.

Indian F1 fan.

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