Sudama’s take

Lord Krishna’s best celebrated friend is a poor old man, Sudama. They have been childhood friends and they left the ashram to make their own future. Krishna the Lord that he is always was in Sudama’s thought. Sudama also was in ever relentlessly in devotion to his friend.

But then when Sudama got married, he was still leading a poor man’s life. His wife was not at all happy, especially knowing that her husband was the friend of the ruler from Mathura. So she tells him to go and ask for a favour. Every one knows how rich and royal Krishna was. Intimidated though about visiting him at the palace, Sudama takes the road, reaches Mathura to stand at Lord Krishna’s palace.

He tells the guard to he would like to see Krishna and that he is Sudama, his friend. The message reaches the Lord and he comes all the way out of his chamber to welcome his old friend. The Lord has not changed Has he. Nor has his devotee Sudama.

The people are put to so much thinking, how come this poor man makes the Lord come to the gates to welcome him.

As they go to the chamber Krishna makes him sit on the throne, which Sudama thinks is so modest of him to be doing that. As is the custom, Krishna asks Sudama what he has got for him, there is a small packet of parched rice, now duly hidden across his waist, he was so ashamed to give it to Krishna living in all splendour, and majesty. But Lord knows how to play the trick and he almost searched him to part with the gift and he opens it to find the rice and takes it to his mouth and says that’s the best he has ever had.

So in all the best hospitality that can be served Sudama spends sometime and then one day he tells Krishna he wants to get back home.

Krishna wanted to know if he could help Sudama to which he said no. But his wife’s picture came to haunt him. On the other side, he was sure if he had all those things he yearned for then he would forget his Master. So even after Krishna desiring to make amends Sudama takes a no and leaves for his village.

He comes across a fine palatial buiding which he thought was a place he lived in and asks a fellow traveler who lives there, to which he replied Sudama is the owner. Surprised he pushes through the gates and behold his wife fully decked in ornament and jewelery makes her presence.

Sudama knew who had played the game. No he was lost in the game to be remembering the Lord. But Sudama did not lose and he was not swayed a little though he thought his family or wife needed that. He had this wonderful prayer please make me poor so I dont forget you. Might me a little pessimistic, but it serves the purpose for Sudama.

That was one Yuga and we live in another. If only Krishna was our friend today. Would we be still Sudama.