Dr. Siva Ayyadurai at SCAD Institute of Technology

Dr Siva Ayyadurai

If there is no innovation then we can be sure of a revolution, said Dr. Siva Ayyadurai during his interaction at SCAD Institute of Technology, near here at Palladam. Innovation occurs when you break rules and think out of the box. He also appealed to young people to take responsibility for their future than look for jobs. India had a bright future ahead with over 600 million people under 25 years of age.

He further added that India needs more engineers and they need to focus on solving the problems which affect the Indian people rather than work for the companies that help the foreign economy.

In his interaction with the students he recalled the story of a 14 year old at an unknown Newark City Hospital, where he was treated an equal and was able to create an Email system for a medical hospital. It was an interesting take from the man himself as he took the students through how the inbox and the outbox was actually the real literal things they had in the snail mail era.

He urged the students to keep in touch world and keep abreast of what’s happening in the world.

He also spoke on the need for students to be socially aware since he felt Innovation can only be achieved with equality and it was an important factor which helped him achieve that when he was just 14. There was a need to create an environment where we can create jobs, create industry and make it happen for the country.

He also stressed the importance of being healthy and that would be helping them think better. He spoke about Siddha one of his interests close to heart. He explained the advent of medicine when it was forced during wars.

On his future plans he said he was working a health system model which aims to cuts the time taken to create new molecules for medicines. He was also planning to put up the medical knowledge of Siddha online for the world to use it effectively.

On a question on privacy and he said it was for the people of the respective country to decide and that would be a democratic decision on whether the governments can track emails.

He also said there needs to be an innovative environment in the institutions to help foster new learning and create new solutions locally.

Senthilkumar Rajappan