Broken Wheel – a #translation




I am

the broken wheel of a chariot.

But, nay forsake me not!

Who knows and whence,

in this unfortunate chakravyuh warfare,

challenging the whole band of mighty warriors,

the ever confident, Abhimanyu will fight and fall.

Knowing fully well, they are unfair;

all just and great warriors,

at the lone unarmed warrior

are pointing their thuderbolts.

At that time, I,

the broken wheel of a chariot,

am in his hands.

I endure all the blows!

I am the broken wheel of the chariot.

But forsake me not!

As the history of the society winds

and gets broken all of a sudden by falsehood –

who knows,

Truth may have to take refuge of a broken wheel!


Senthilkumar Rajappan

(Circa – 1996/97 Translated from Toota Pahiya – a hindi poem by National Poet Dharamvir Bharati)

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