Freedom Unleashed!

It’s a wild, wild world

A heavy traffic plying so fast

Destination bound, buses and cars.

Broken are the rules for the sake of it;

Discorded thoughts on business and profit.

A ruthless journey travelled everyday

With a faked smile to greet all we meet.

The paper always carry violent, vulgar words

Of Nations at war, of refugees, of bomblasts and of riots.

Man at arms and guns have not retired.

Man and arms together on a race to destruction ahead.

Me at war with my own self

A discord cannot be so perfect – a war of love,

Of religions, of Gods, of false men.

Humans ruthlessly killed

Like trees mercilessly felled

An imbalance reigns and its chaos all around.

We just witness and witness it happen

Its a land so free, so green

Freedom undefined, rights abused,

Corruption in high places and decadence at a record high.

Yet, the sun rises, the river flows

The cloud showers and the wind blows.

In perfect harmony – its the freedom unleashed!


Senthilkumar Rajappan

Circa – 1999