Kochadaiyaan! Teaser

So when the media reported Kochadaiyaan was getting ready with a teaser, I know you dont have to do what you did for “Why this kolaveri di,” you are sure of views, very well demonstrated by the views which it garnered on Youtube! But the issue here is a bit of disappointment for the sheer expectations of a Rajini fan, they are like some people whose thirst is insatiable and it just takes them to see that face on the big silver screen for the day and even food or water wouldn’t matter. With this kind of fan following that the Superstar has, it must have been a gamble to come out with a teaser not trailer in the effect.

Also to note that it has big names like A R Rahman and Resul makes it a bonanza. The teaser though having crossed a million in 24 hours is on its way to cross the 2 million mark, there has been wide spread disappointment at the length and the quality of the video too.

And may be we should have had it on big screen since the technology part of the business is not the layman’s way of looking at it. But in all this the Rajni fan is a devoted one otherwise how would you get as big number of views as you have here.

Take a look!

In other news if you want to know what people think just scroll down to the comments section of the video 😉

Signing off

Rajanikanth fan!