And Krishna was born this way!

It was a raining heavily and Vasudev had to cross the Yamuna. Having walked free since the birth of a son to Devaki a few minutes ago, with all the prison wards falling asleep and the doors unlocking magically he was at a loss wondering how he would cross the river which was flooding already with rains lashing the earth.

He perhaps had a  fair idea who he was carrying in the arms across the chest, and as his thoughts wandered the river rose and then all of a sudden caved in to show him waters flowing knee deep so he could cross over. Was it his dreams or was it true, as he stepped forward he felt it was all land and his steps were faster than ever. He knew he did not have time in his hand for he should reach the prison before the sun rise and ofcourse no one should know.

The river crossed and still holding the new born close to his bosom, he felt very sad for his wife Devaki, its not the first time she has to feel for her new born, every time in the last seven years she has been the victim of the tyranny of her brother Kamsa, who usurped his father’s rightful throne and threw them into prison on a day of festivities when Vasudev and Devaki had just got married.

As his mind raced with the thoughts of those wonderful moments he was fraught with fear of the future on what would become to the kid and it was telling on his steps as he reached the house of Nanda.

Nanda was waiting for him as if they had previously decided and his wife had also delivered a baby girl and with emotions taking the better of the two men, they exchanged the babies and Vasudev kissed his son farewell with thoughts if he will ever see him again.

Nanda was also overcome with emotion and saw the face of the cute little girl his wife Yashodha had delivered a few hours ago and slept off, he went inside and placed the boy next to her and saw them both with gleaming eyes.

Vasudev had very less time for pleasantries he wished he could not thank Nanda enough for this gesture for all he knew boy or girl, Kamsa was going to be the death knell for all the kids they ever brought to the earth. He saw the cute little face a very smiling one and felt the shiver on thinking how Kamsa was going to react. Recovering himself, he set back on the way he came, reaching the banks of Yamuna, he looked up and as an answer to his prayer Yamuna split into two and he walked across the river…it was still raining as he entered the prison, and the guards were still sleeping soundly as if they had never slept the whole life.

He entered his prison walls and then the locks got back in place and then as he placed the kid near his wife, she woke up and then the child started crying.

– Senthilkumar Rajappan