The good man Jesus and the scoundrel Christ – a book review

Philip Pullman


The book in review has a wonderful title to say the least, must be a provoking one in fact – The Goodman Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ by Philip Pullman.

And when you turn the book you get to read this also: This is a story. Well I shall buy it, but then the author makes no bones of what he is upto.

As I get introduced the new story that is part inspired by the real version of the Jesus which we have been accustomed to, this one takes on the alternative narration that could have been a reality and its only a reflection of how it could have been, especially in the sense how we do it today.

So we get introduced to the Abraham the father of Jesus Christ as we all know. He is a carpenter and is married to Mary who remains a virgin but due to the intervention of the angels, she gets pregnant. (This is a plugin from Hindu tales – esp Kunti’s five children are born from Indian Angels aka – Indra, Vayu, Agni, et al.)

When she delivers, they beget twins. Happy parents and happy neighbors everyone is filled with joy and then the parents name them no guesses – Jesus & Christ.

Jesus was the normal boy next door, he even is a good boy by all the counts, there are instances where he makes it up for Christ’s and the times fly.

Jesus becomes a preacher and is becoming a famous man by his own rights, in fact questioning a lot of things and the miracles happening a quite a bit. All the while Jesus says these things cant be led far to make for his praise or make him famous, but the disciples make it tough for him that way.

Then the story of how he is led to be crucified and the story could have ended there.

But of course for the entire world to have a story of someone who can rise from the dead and crucified, the body goes missing actually. No guesses how that is contrived or made it look happen when his twin brother comes to play the part.

Very well written, and fast paced, you know how its going to be in the last few pages but the narrative is pretty interesting how the story is built for the future and that what matters today.

Thanks Dear Pullman. Had a nice read and know what you should have also made some efforts on some time of his life when he was perhaps in India.