Their day out!

For long they have been looking at each other,

Exchanging glances over the corridor,

Sometimes at the table when the classes are on.

She is new to the place and

He too is new to the College.

He was Rahul. She was Pooja.

So as days passed and conversations grew;

They got to know each other.

A few weeks later, she said ‘why dont we go out?’

He replied, ‘why not? and they decided on a place.

The first time he was going out with her.

He thought long and short,

On how he would present himself.

She too was thinking so much,

She wanted to be pretty like a fairy,

For it was her first date in her life.

He too knew that and decided

That has to be a cherishing moment.

She wondered how would he present himself

‘Will he be with the stubble or clean shaven?

What would he be wearing?

‘Am I thinking too much?’ she asked herself!

He would look cute and nice clean shaven.

Well lets see she told herself.

The day did arrive, they turned out in their best.

As she walked toward him,

He felt a gush of warmth hitherto unknown.

He reached out with a beautiful rose.

She took it to smelt it softness.

And hugged him with love unbound.

She could feel his cheek, smooth and chiseled,

She gave a loving kiss on his cheeks.

He was on the clouds literally,

Yes for once ‘His clean shaven look

Had bowled her over.’

He would not forget this moment;

Nor did she as he kissed her cheek.

All through their life.

Now 25 years, later they are walking

The same road and he still is sporting

That clean look – without a stubble.

– Senthilkumar Rajappan

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