Yoga Tab – the #betterway to self realisation…

The Zen Master was explaining the Yoga to the students with his tab! “So dear students, this is a new Yoga Tab, before we proceed can anyone tell me what is Yoga?” The Master was calm and serene as he put this question. The students were wondering why would he ask them the basic question.

Nevertherless, they thought fit to answer the same. One student rose and said, “Yoga is process to manifestation of perfection already in man!”

The Zen Master smiled and said, “So you have come to create your own definitions, well I am liking it. especially when I have a Yoga Tab in my hands.”

“See for example the Yoga Tab is an example of creating your own definition of Tab, or may be redefine it the way it should be. There may exists many a ways to happiness, but when it comes to Yoga, that creates a new sensation of happiness within. Like the Yoga Tab, perfectly designed to perfection, as an art. Holding it is a nirvana in itself helps you immerse yourself in what you do, rather than think about the way you hold or getting your hands go tiring!”

“Thats so good Master, when we practice Yoga, the body  becomes attuned to being relaxed, this is an achievement with the Tab as a default without practice and helping us better our concentration in what we do! Thats amazing to say the least!”, one student said.

“If you know the posture of the Tab is almost like our way of Yoga, Straight, tilted and ofcourse standing – all the time delivering on performance to the last detail and well, there’s always a better way isnt it?”

“Master is nt it true that our posture holds the key to being in comfort?” asked one student.

“Yes my dear, and that’s why you will see Yoga Tab being designed to take the pain out of the tablet.” said the Master, adding “It comes in three modes, akin to our three states of being awake, dream and sleep” he said with a chuckle.

“The three modes of the tab – HOLD Mode, STAND Mode and TILT Mode are all expressions of our physical robustness in us and re-imagined to the design of a Tab – the Yoga Tab.”

“Imagine taking the pain out of holding – sounds nice right thats what the Tab does – HOLD mode and all!” the Master continued. “And when you want to watch any thing on the tab, simple go to the STAND Mode and then behold  – you are enjoying music and movies and may be yoga classes too! ” the kids were all attention as he continued. “When you think fit you can go TILT mode and browse, type and game in a relaxed way”

“Master, all this will take the pain out of the tabbing experience and make it the way Yoga should be!” said one student.

“You the brightest kid.” He said pointing to that student. “And put it literally this tab takes a STAND and does a TILT whenever the user wants it!” added another student spreading his arms and meaning handsfree.

“Why didn’t they think of all this Master?” queried a student.

“There is always a time for things to happen and that time has come my dear and exactly thats what Lenovo is done with the Yoga Tab!” “Master what if I go an a trek tomorrow, how do i charge it?” asked a young student.

“Can the Yoga be without power,” asked the Zen Master and continued “Its got over 18 hours of battery – perfect Yogic way of poise to do what you want!”

“And When you are into Yoga everything becomes effortless and you will surely find #betterway every time. Now that’s what Yoga Tab does – a #betterway is here”

All the students bowed before him and left after the class.


The next day. At the monastery the disciple students were practicing yoga with the Yoga Tab in front of them with the Zen Master online in STAND mode. A little farther away, a younger lot were watching the Yoga with the Tab in TILT position.

And on the other side of the town, the Zen Master was busy watching the kids in the HOLD position traversing the mountains. Its been over a day he is away from his Monastery. As the day wound, he put the tab aside and thought what a #betterway the day has become.


For others in the plains and valleys reading this go here to know more about the Yoga Tab! This is a part of Indibloggers  #Betterway contest.