Baramulla Bomber (Svastik Trilogy – Eka) by Suraj Clark Prasad – a book review


The Baramulla Bomber at the outset is a great attempt in the espionage genre if you ask me. The author has his homework done, with the intersection of quantum physics, the study of ancient scriptures Vedas and ofcourse human frailties.

The story is set in Kashmir, I am looking forward to see many more Kashmir related stories and it gives a pretty insight into the workings of the intelligence wings spanning the important players including some European Nations. The story happens across time lines and takes you through with the characters at ease. We find the characterizations very deeply knowledgeable and hinting at the possibility of extremes.

One other important link central to the story is well you guessed it – cricket. And when you have a cricketer from the valley rocking internationally, you know India has made a point. The title of the book is a dedication to a fast bowler hailing from the valley – Mansur, for his exploits in the field and the press giving him this title.

We have other characters, Aahana his girlfriend, Adolf the spy from Sweden and ofcourse the Indian Home Minister and negative characters in Dr. Nazir.

The narration is fast moving, cutting across the time zones, interconnected events that surprise and make it racy towards the end.  I think the time gap could have gotten shorter in my opinion.

You get streaks of mined information on a weapon which you won’t be able to see it nor feel it and when you start to feel it, it would be the end. That could be spine chilling in real. The possibilities of such a weapon is what makes the intelligence sleuths spend sleepless nights to understand the science and the people behind all this. The coming together of characters sees a commonality in professional and personal interests to unlock the mysteries that have eluded them.

Some parts took me back to my college days, (did graduation in physics) and some readings to my classes in Atma Bodha about the spiritual part.

The author has touched upon the human sensibilities in a portrayal at the UN General Assembly with speeches delivered by the Indian contingent in Agastya Rathore and Mansur. After all the nations are all but lines drawn by human beings themselves. The fact is known but the realization of this fact is not easy at all.

A brave attempt in a trilogy and hope the next one already has some more fireworks in the days to come.  Eka will keep you with doses of quantum physics, vedas and reality.

The cover gives you ample things to imagine and anticipate. The author is a wonderful addition in this genre.

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