Sita’s Curse by Sreemoyee Piu Kundu a Book Review


  • Publisher Hachette India
    Imprint Hachette India
    ISBN-13 9789350097809
    ISBN-10 935009780X
    Language English
    Binding Paperback
    Number of Pages 344 Pages
    Book Type Fiction Book

Sometimes there comes a time when you know the author has decided shes’ going to play rebel and revolt against emotions and stereotypes and cast  herself in a new mould and discover herself within that. Society is but a reflection of the individuals in harmony. So here we come across a character who we might have seen many a time in parts and some time not so overtly. I loved the narrative in the first person. Its a story of emotion, deceit, marriage, betrayal and more, a  fast read and a spicy one at that we see a significant lifetime over 30 years to be precise infront of us.

The character of this story Meera traverses from her not-so-happy childhood in a village to the city of dreams Mumbai. In thorough her eyes the author has tried to build up an emotional story of the girls in villages,  her instincts, her urges and the sexual exploits of some of the men she comes across, then getting married to a city dweller and the life at the matrimonial home.

She moves to Mumbai, a unhappy marriage and a husband who cant support her mentally, and the usual tantrums of the matrimonial home and the story takes a turn with Meera trying to get into what the author calls it being a free bird unleashing herself.

She gets introduced to the internet and then she learns a lot, not that her neighbourhood dance master is very far into teaching her some moves apart from the dance. She tries to learn English too. The internet part of the story is akin to what we normally is exhibited as how dissatisfied wives are all over the net. And you also find a man who sells his body named Yousuf. The narrative ends with the big rain that Mumbai ever had and how the characters live to tell the tale.

Now the author perhaps has a lot of potential but is getting wasted in trying to get to the sexual fantasies into words and it treads into soft porn and sometimes a little tad over.

While the character has her exultation at her adventures, I am at a loss to understand why should she get emotional at the loss of Yousuf to rain in the end, perhaps she could have done without that after all that’s what she has become at least we think the constraints that the character is not bound to be, the free bird not being attached to all these.

In a way it’s a story of the village belle getting to know the city and trying to live in it getting adapted and be modern and whatever. But along the way the definition lacks the purpose simply because she has to become the same woman she probably didnt want. A women on leash, living her world the way she wants and true to her whims and fancies but still has the emotional tag.

Sita’s curse starts off very well and goes off track a bit in the mid and I still feel could have been a tighter grip to the narration in the end. The characters except Meera dont stay with us for long.

My ratings: 3 /5 stars ( rated adult reading )  

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