The Review!

India is an opinionated country. We have an opinion on everything, from Narendra Modi to Smriti Irani to Chetan Bhagat to Salman Rushdie.

It does not matter what our pretensions are or our qualifications are, it is like our second nature to offer opinions and also make judgments. So when this becomes a part of your ideal situation in minimal words and a choice at that, it becomes interesting.

I came across a few days ago recommended via It was a refreshing site to me at first sight. It had only one thing I was asked to do – well State whatever I was about to state, if it explains literally. and a quick popup is the only way to interact makes it a very easy to do that. It also had a set of already existing opinions to choose and that would be easy to think. In case I wanted something new, I can always add that word.

That’s my home page on State

Suddenly it dawned on me that a word is so powerful that you dont need sentences to be opinionated about things around you. So it was a fascinating journey and I think I started off searching topics that would be interesting to me. It was evident that it was US content led but that didn’t stop me from identifying Rajinikanth or Narendra Modi or start a new topic Narendra Damodardas Modi – the Prime Minister of India.

I believe it would take some time for us to identify those topics across categories especially when we are logging in from India. The topics on the front page except the Information tech part would be totally different. The cricket is THE sports profile in India and may be the FIFA will take over here for the season in India.

I would prefer customization of the home page by geo targetting so that I get the best of what I am interested in from India and that adds to my participation more than search and state opnions  as I am doing it right now.

But the intent and the user interface makes it a breeze to use.  Really liked the user interface and the trends on the side bar and a refreshing the same with the click. You could invite all your friends to check out via social – fb, twitter…

Then you have tuning into the topic as well as people tuning to you to track you on what you are stating. That’s a nice way to keep track and following interesting people.

The sentiment on the topic will tell you what the world thinks quite a revealing stuff this with single one words that will stump you sometimes and you would quite be understanding.

So you wana try this state-ment  of yours, do login at state. Its easy to login with social handles and also you could publish everything from to all your social media timelines.

As you can see from the video, this might be the one you were looking for, may be give it a try and for all you know you might get addicted.

So my experiences has been that people do answer your opinion and say they agree or sometimes they dont, yeah we live in a democratic country ! I think I will use it more if I get more of localised content in here on the home page.

A good attempt to make opinions heard the rightway. The next time if someone asks you what good is your opinion tell them to State it on

From the digital marketing perspective, I see a big window for brands to do native advertising here on this site in a few days from now. Its quite an opportunity for brands to check what the sentiment is all about. It could come from a PR point of view and then the consumers would choose some adept words to describe it. Imagine brands being described in three definite words! Way to go possibly!

A great and a simple to use site should be rocking in some time in this part of the world.

This review is a part of the product review programme by about State.