Business Doctors by Sameer Kamat – a Book Review

Business Doctors - Consulting Gone Wild
Business Doctors – Consulting Gone Wild By Sameer Kamat
Publisher Booksoarus
Publication Year 2014 April
ISBN-13 9789351569640
ISBN-10 9351569640
Language English
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 241 Pages
Territorial Rights Worldwide
Book Type Fiction Book

I must admit this was a different take from all the books that we are getting to read. Set in the land of the United States, this debut novel by Sameer Kamat takes us through the mafia in a very clinical methodical business way as any other business you would think of.

As much as the title Business Doctors, the book makes for an excellent fast paced read on how management consultants adorn the coat that doctors wear for all the practical purpose of getting a business back on track and regain health.

Micheal Schneider, the consultant in this drama here, has little idea what the future holds when he chooses to make a presentation to a mafia don sometime during a downturn in his business. He thinks some of the out-of-the-box solutions to get his client out of the red and he almost is getting there. There are lot of action packed scenes that get enacted like the escape of some of the well known convicts – so called specialists to aid the turnaround of the company .

There are places where it could be a moral dilemma but then the money and the lure of power and may be the fame gets a little head and the story moves fast forward.

A ll the characters are very well defined and the author takes us through the American mafia and consulting day rigor quite effortlessly with their portrayal.

I can imagine and see a cinematic version in front of me as I flip through the pages. The description lays bare in front of you and you can walk through the doors.

The basics in terms of business especially the mafia stuff makes for a fun read the casino, the pornography and other business of the don being given the strategic treatment if you call it. The digitisation of the pornography as a recommendation made me laugh. The romance in the novel goes as an integral plot to the story. How Schenider accomplishes his assignment and what the future holds remains the plot of the story. The unusual aged techie and other characters are quite a nice addition which makes it worthwhile read.

A very well written novel, and a fast read material could have been enhanced if it was in a better presentation.

The best part is the language is easy to follow an definitely takes you through the consultants’ mind if you ask me.

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Last word, thanks to Sameer Kamat for reaching out with a review copy and wishing him all the best and yes this is self published.

About the author:  Sameer Kamat is the founder of MBA Crystal Ball and Bookosaurus.