The banking paradigm shift is here with Kotak Jifi! Banking goes social!

Now the biggest question is why would someone love banking? The very thought of a bank is enough to make you think arree yaar. Though the private banks have made it a breeze to bank, still the thought of going to a bank has now become a real issue at hand with everyone hard pressed for time.

Kotak is now Jifi
Kotak is now Jifi






The banks are also becoming innovative and making changes in the way we do banking. So its smart of the banks to go to place where you will find people spend their time. Look no further and Kotak probably got it all right with its new Jifi Account being tied to the social component of internet. The banking goes social is the idea whose time has come and aptly named Jifi, Kotak Bank has a new product that would be too good to really think about.

Imagine not going out of your social network and yet keep track of the banking esp on twitter, that should be the best thing to happen. Something like getting your bank balance on a Direct Message once we tweet with a hashtag for balance. That would be taking the banking to its logical conclusion – banking is now social.

On the other side your opening a Kotak Jifi account is a breeze and all you need is your social handle to login first and then in a matter of minutes you would be staring at your dashboard.

A little offline work includes the bank staff coming to collect an address proof and a little documentation.  Then a weeks time you have your nice Jifi Card all set to bank the normal way too.

Did I tell you that this is a zero balance account. Yeah you have it so easy if you ask me no minimum balance, non interest bearing current account.

You could refer your friends and get rewarded with cool prizes and vouchers like a Uber trip which was offered  in some select cities.

Kotak Platinum

A tweet could do most of the jobs! account updates, cheque book request et al.

Any social or transaction gets rewarded and you are a part of a loyalty club, add to that the first year od Jifi Platinum Chip Debit Card is free. Access to Mobile Banking & Offers app, to bank on the go plus Free NEFT through Net Banking.

What more could you ask for in a n bank account. I got my welcome kit and the PIN separately in two days. It was a breeze and now looking forward to bank on my twitter timeline.

So the next time some one is gonna ask me what I am doing on twitter, hte answer would be “banking” and I am sure the heads would turn.