Blogsters – Round 2 – Game of Blogs!

BlogAdda’s newest initiative is to #CelebrateBlogging with a series of contests, starting with one called a Game of Blogs. Teams of bloggers take turns creating a round robin story of sorts that they post to their individual blogs.


It would have made for a perfect picture. He thought.

He was watching Rhea and Jennifer play in the park. He was also thinking how she would react on his presence.

‘It could have been’ those words weighed on him adding a ‘What if’ to his world of probabilities.

If only they didn’t take those roads and now that they have traveled so far, can they start again.

Those days would have made Rhea’s life much better, as a child she was deprived of things that a normal child would have yearned for, instead was caught in the middle of the ego bashing trouble of the parents. For a moment he just wondered how he would feel if he were in Rhea’s shoes. A gleaming kid is all he was seeing, an innocent carefree approach to little friends and school much later days.

Shekhar in a moment of realisation thought about how the parents make the world look just awesome or fearsome as they portrayed it for their children.

And one nagging question he has always been asked, was all that worth the effort that they took to fight and did they ever think what Rhea wanted. May be that was a question unasked.

Moments lost forever, and the thought of losing them at will was the worst infliction of pain on each other.

Rhea meanwhile was playing with a ball with her friends around. She was carefree young girl, and her face would not show the depth of her longings or the sadness anytime.

Life was always playing it fair and it was upto us to take charge, he thought.

That one thought was lingering on to him, what if they were back again as a family and the memories would be there in front of him. Those early days of courtship and the days when they got married, the time they spent to gether.  Those days of their career, the day when Rhea was born. All those images flashed in a moment.

He was living the past, when suddenly a ball hit him on the head. A young five year old boy came near him and said ‘Sorry uncle’ and ran towards taking the ball which was lying infront of him.

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