The importance of a deadline!

Well that was the easiest I could relate to at this hour. With just 33 minutes left for me to type a post that should be readable, and worth reading, mind you both are two different things in a way, I thought it best to write about the deadline.

Suppose if there was no deadline to any action the word project management would become redundant. Simply because if there is an action it would necessarily be bound by time otherwise the work will never be complete.

Having been in agency where the client wanted every creative or artwork yesterday when the brief is actually given today, I know how important deadline is to any action.

But the best part is how you could use deadline to manage time and make it more productive is your way of working it out. Quite often the deadline has given some of the best works of some of the great writers and journalists we know.

There are some who will wait for deadline so they can finish it off. There is a beautiful saying about time management and how we need to work on Urgent and IMportant and distinguish between them.











Just look at the chart and you will know how to do things and how to prioritize them.

This also gives a glimpse of how we waste time and more so how we do things which are apparently escape activities. Half the battle is won if we get to slash the Time wasters to something important.

So you can check the first quadrant – Urgent / Important that in itself is self explanatory. You can see the word deadline in there. The second is important / not urgent! The third one is Not Important / urgent like a phone call or an email that you are checking.

The last one is Not Important / Not urgent.  Just imagine how we have scrambled this four quadrants in our life and how the not important and not urgent things have changed quadrants without our knowing.

Just try this quadrant and it should be working fine slowly change the activities from a quadrant to the quadrant where it should belong. That will help working against deadlines may be!



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