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As I was riding my bike in the night at around 9.30 pm through the main roads in the city, was surprised to see every signal had a policeman on duty. Fully dressed and with the reflector overalls, cool and gracious looking how the traffic was flowing smooth. IN between I could see them directing those who otherwise would not know the signal in their line of sight.

I wanted to stop and thank them profusely, but practical reason pulled me back. Atleast I should have taken a pic, may be a selfie and post it here on Facebook. Title it as a great service for the people from your own Police force.

We always have had this negative things about the police, not the mention the way they portray them in movies. Imagine Singham with all goody goody policeman, there will be no villain only.

The movies have taught us that police can never be good or kind hearted. Today I was forced to think some very basic questions on those in the line of duty at odd hours.

What time does he go home?
Does he have time to play with his kids?
How far is his home from where he is now directing the traffic.?
Worse how will he react if some moron lost control or if there was a driver who was drunk?

We have been lucky that we can go home at an appointed time. We have the habit of cursing the traffic, never one to help anyone ease it. As I am typing, I was surprised once day sometime back in Mumbai it was a civilian who took charge of an traffic bottle neck and eased the flow with a smile that was around 8.30 in the morning.

Take some time in a day to randomly thank people. Say thanks to everyone who helps you thought it might be their job! You will share a joy that will be remembered for long.

For a change walk down from your car, (please park them on the side of the road) say hello to the cops, shake hands and wish them a great day! Look how you would have enthused an otherwise mundane day for someone  who risks his life so that the traffic goes smooth.

Thank atleast 3 people a day and I am sure those thank you’s will come back to you making you feel elated and happy !

Let me know in case you do any special act of kindness and how it was reciprocated with a smile and how the day was a better day for you.



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