Littering is in our genes!

Just watched the video, very fantastically portrayed ‘chaltha hai’ attitude of the great Indian citizen. So very like the one who dont vote but go around with social media and keep trending things.

Probably this is one feature that doesnt create a divide between rich and poor, the hindus, muslims and christians. One character which makes it a marked Indian trait.

But you send them to the other side of the world they will keep the word and abide by the law. They know they cant get away, from the heavy fines they pay. But here they know how to get away from anything called fine.

Sometimes its a wonder how we don’t even litter them in the dustbin and can see all the waste all over the place except the litter bin. We can keep talking about it and that precisely why I was so happy to learn about The Great Indian – an initiative by Times of India.

So is there a chance, ofcourse there is and it has to start somewhere and this video excellently depicts the issue, and something else is also happening in the country by the name Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan. Possibly instead of watching the video and going off as we often do with all the viral videos, this one must be taken seriously simply because it matters things with us. Probably this can change a lot of mindset and who knows it can also work wonders on the human psyche across the way he/she thinks about himself.

A clean surrounding can alter the way you think and act. Mahatma Gandhi the father of the Nation has said, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness!”

We need to make it cool to be good and have a great surrounding around us. The first part of the work would be to keep the places clean where we use. How difficult is it for us to understand that all the government buildings are built using our hard earned tax money.

Once we get a sense of ownership on all these things there could be a way to get on. Possibly we need to rework the way History and civics is taught to us. Civics needs to be more practical than just some sections on the constitution. There has to be a way we need to tell people that duties exist alongside when we talk about rights and that they go together.

It might seems like an unworkable idea. It has to start with I – for initiative. Make things clean around us, and then extend it to the house, street, community, the district, state and the nation.

So as they say charity begins at home and thats where we can start keeping things in a pretty nice way and work towards better environment.

Let the great Indian video charge us to tell people to stop spraying. Do you know what people had to do to stop this. Literally start Praying, they installed pictures of Gods on the walls to do just that.

Whatever, we need to execute this very urgently, somewhere a start shall be made and the best place is now and around you.


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