The sound of love! #Feb14


These are crazy times when I would write a post about Valentine’s day. Not that I could do it the way I am gonna explain but I thought I will let my imagination fly and propose to her.

Those three words, well those three words are the toughest to say and you need to be sure that you are saying that to the right person.  I am sure you got to have a clear throat before you venture to say that to your loved one. Might be useful to pop in a Vicks goli, and may be have a mouth freshener and be fully agile after a nice drink of Glucon D or munching down a Perk – take your pick. Mind you this is going to be your make or break day! Never take chances.

So on that day, the first thing is taking up the role of the newspaper boy and get the paper delivered with a bunch of red roses. Try playing a song may be without inviting the attention of the neighborhood uncle. Only thing that should be done is to take care she picks up the paper!

Wait at the corner to find that. Get off from there. Surprise to be maintained.

Next stop. Bus Stop! Send a bunch of flowers through may be the nearest florist with a tag. Follow up to the work place. Already a special bouquet is placed at her table.

Chances are she might get to know.  I send a video message at 12.00 pm on her mobile…. and the same time there is a delivery of a beautiful Bluestone #SOUNDOFLOVE pendant.

If you thought we were crazy about love imagine the people at Bluestone, they got the wave of the words I Love You and made a design! You ask me are they for real? Well thats a kinda Physics marries emotion and gold eh??? That’s crazy psychology if you ask me. And mind you they have same day shipping that’s really a great way to surprise your beloved.

The best part of the unboxing is when she opens up the box, there’s this back ground music all around and then this is the highlight.  Enter the hero, yours truly and kneel before with a Red rose and propose!

Same time will have a cake – white forest to be cut for the day… no points for guessing the design is the new wave design of Bluestone Sound of love collection.

Now that Valentine’s Day is already planned I am now going to see the design in action especially the way they came out with the wave.


“I am participating in the #SoundOfLove activity atBlogAdda in association with Bluestone