Coca Cola International Day of Happiness

There is a very simple way to happiness, the easiest way is to not depend on anything to be happy but is that really practically possible. Yes in a way making ourselves happy because these will be steps that will take me through the day and week together.

So here goes some of the things that bring happiness:

On a crowded day after work, getting into the bus and finding a seat vacant is happiness, and being able to vacate that for much deserved elder person is then the happiness doubles.

My bike ride is one of happiness, never has given me a problem and more so I can rely on and the kick to start is a sign of happiness. Been on long rides and short ones, but its a nirvana riding the bike.

Rain makes me happy. When heavens open up its a big smile for me. Love to watch the rain. Love to ride my bike on the road happy and unfettered, and sometimes take a walk. Like the feeling of the rain drops on me that’s absolute happiness

Chai – the tea is another one of my happiness moments, It has the ability to make you just get up and make it happen, something like Coca Cola, which is the cold equivalent of tea for me. Never a time to turn down, I driven long and walks distances to get some chai.

Books make me  happy, the smell of the new print is a happiness moment. Time to read and time to sleep are things that go together. They say books are friends who don’t speak back but yeah they do all the speaking in a way.

Getting on the road to a green corridor in my city is a happiness moment, in one of the arterial roads, you get to drive clearly across the traffic lights if you clear the first one on green and you could go all the way some 7 km straight at an average speed of 60kmph.

Well there are things online which make me happy some likes on the FB post not really behind the likes for all the posts, some RTs from the followers. Sometimes a mention from a celebrity or a RT will be a happy moment.

Some times the messages from friends and loved ones on the text  messengers or the whatapp sometimes. the most valued ones are those when they deposit money into your account. Well that’s always there.  There are more occasions when I see someone make great strides makes me happy. Things that way are an inspiration in more ways than one.

Sometimes when you are congratulated for your role which you deserve are some of the other moments when I am happy and this is most of the times in my career!


Now tell me what makes you happy?