Here we go the world remade! #theworldremade



“Can you see the apple?” asked God!
“Oh yes I can!” I replied
“Eat this one and be blessed! There’s going to be no Satan henceforth! ” God said and disappeared.

I woke from my dream with that little session of God. I turn to my right to see apples and oranges beautifully arranged on a glass bowl.

I reach for one apple and take a bite, a surge of energy passed through me and I could feel myself vibrant as if an electric current passed through me. Feeling as if I became a super man I walked to the window and saw a pale picture of the road and a beggar crossing it.

‘How I wish there was no poverty so that the man walking there doesn’t have to beg for food?’ I thought and behold below me on the street were two angels who came and dressed him in best clothes and vanished and then came a road cart full of food near the once a beggar and he was surprised and ate to his contentment.

Oh it works I thought, very pleasantly surprised with myself and not able to conceal the surprise.

I thought may this extend to the whole world, may be it happens may be I may not see them for real, nevertheless I saw the whole world change over in a flash – a timelapse presented in front on my eyes.

Once the food is done what would you want the guys to live for obviously for nothing. Lazy minds are devils workshop. They generate ideas to disturb peace not only for themselves but others too.

The best part is to make them play what they want to play because the food is already there. Lest there be corruption, contentment will be default. Everytime they make money they would ask if its enough, good enough for them and more over if they need money.

When this is done, love happens without being forced. Make them see the other human beings as a part of themselves. So they cannot hurt, and being human is the religion.  Make them forget about their God.

The land gets the rain, the food is grown, harvested and cooked, the cycle continues, the sun rises the sun sets and the men go dancing around.

The best part is the technological marvel is left as it and continues to help the people. When the food and education is free and a basic human right, we have a world which will be less fighting and less harming the people. Dogmas are relegated to the back seat simply because the men cannot point to the past for their justifying the present.

As I walked down the road an elderly man came to me and said “Be blesssed! today the world has changed for good!”

As I look back I could see the end of all that is black and negative. The journey continued…

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