Lookup – A roof over the head #happyhours


I remember those days. Very stark in a way.

We were in a rented house and our house was being built. Brick by brick. We had our fun times, playing in the sands, building castles, making miniature kitchens and dinner served among us little friends.

A hazy remembrance of those still exists. Simply because the topography of our location has changed considerably in all those 30 years.

The house was being built and it had come to the RC level. We needed to get those set of RC mixers, those days we needed to build a step which will be a bridge from the mixer to the place where they mixed concrete was thrown to make a ceiling.

All the work was done and as the fate would have it, the engineer or so-called one disappeared with all the money meant for the next day. I didn’t know that day how frantic my dad and my mom was. But I got to know later how they had to literally ask every one in the family to help and also get loans at higher interest so that the work on that day – of the reinforced concrete was done.

A few weeks later, we moved into the partially built house with our belonging, we would be saving on the rent, though just one room was made with just built out of bricks and no windows and a make shift door in the front greeted us.

It took a few years of hard work to get on to making the desired house and now as I look back at the way how my parents have done it, its absolutely a miracle and sometimes do think how they made it. Almost some ten years to get the whole thing into a complete home. I knew all those moments when the home is done with people even if there is no complete building. I do reckon that’s how so many homeless and under privileged also live giving it a sense of accomplishment in their lives to have a roof over their head.

I know it was a sense of optimism that we can do better ahead, and sense of a positive future that we are looking ahead. This has been an inspiration in a sense that all you need is to look forward and things will fall in place.

Everytime I think about this, I look up to my parents perseverance and dogged determination to make it happen. Its a dream for any one to have a roof over your head. And sometimes the cost is not just the money that you might not have.


PS: I really loved the Housing.com’s  rebranding and that arrow showing upwards and the meaning can only be that of infinite possibilities.

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