Ozone launches India’s first Auto-Connect Application in the Public Wi-Fi space

New Delhi, March 26th 2015: Ozone Networks Private Ltd., India’s largest public Wi-Fi company has launched the 1st ever Auto-Connect Mobile Application, called the ‘Ozone Connect’. This will allow customers to login the moment they enter an Ozone Wi-Fi hotspot. This is a unique application that registers the customer the 1st time at the time of login, post that the authentication happens via a proper SMS authentication as regulated by the Telecom Regulator. The biggest benefit for the consumer is that it eradicates any type of manual intervention as the entire process takes place at the backend without the customer going through a cumbersome process of registering each time they enter a location. For the customer, the Ozone Connect Mobile App extends a “Home Wi-Fi” experience.

Sanjeev Bobby Sarin, Founder & CEO, Ozone Networks said “We are delighted to launch the Ozone Connects App for our consumers. This is not just a 1st of its kind, but a unique consumer centric proposition that will allow people to get easy access to Wi-Fi while they are at a location and simplify the overall experience. We have seen a surge in traffic 700% in the last 8-9 months at our locations. The Ozone Connect app will definitely take the consumer experience to an all new level.”

Ozone today has deployed 6500 access points and 1500 are public hot spots across 26 different cities, top 23 major metros covering the entire gamut from Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets. The company aims to reach 1 million hotspots by 2020. Ozone today is providing Wi-Fi to the Mumbai Airport (T1 & T2 terminals) & leading retail chains such as McDonalds, Haldiram’s, bluO and are in the process of signing with large coffee and food chains.

“Ozone Connect will make Public Wi-Fi ubiquitous for customers and manual interventions by the customer would not be required anymore to enjoy high speed Wi-Fi at all our locations. This will provide users a Home-like Wi-Fi experience and will seamlessly connect users across our network.” says Pallab Mitra, Chief Operating Officer of Ozone Networks Pvt Ltd

The Delhi Government, other state governments and the Railways would hugely benefit from Ozone’s unique neutral model which allows ubiquitous Wi-Fi usage across devices, users from different operators and for over-the-top companies like Google, Facebook etc.  Ozone is also strongly bidding for the Delhi Wifi project and is in a consortium with Ericsson and SpeedFetch.

Sanjeev Bobby Sarin, Founder and CEO, Ozone Networks further added “With the Ozone Connect application and SpeedFetch as an add-on for the fastest download across all Ozone locations, Ozone would be providing the best neutral Wi-Fi user experience in the country and is on a journey to provide the best Public Wi-Fi experience India has ever seen.”

How the Ozone App works?

Step 1: Connect with Ozone SSID when you enter a location

Step 2: You will get the customized landing page to login via Ozone Connect App

Step 3: You will automatically get redirected to Google Play Store App Page

Step 4: The Ozone #Connect App will open up automatically

Step 5: You will be required to do a one-time authentication process

Step 6: Connect with Ozone and start browsing

The next time the consumer enters an Ozone location; Ozone Connects App will automatically detect and connect the consumer to Ozone Wi-Fi.

Ozone has also started deploying market Wifi with a deployment in Aurobindo Market (a prestigious market in South Delhi) and now has a right of way to deploy Wifi in Huaz Khas Village.

Customer Speak

“We are very happy with the services that Ozone Wifi is providing in our market. I am very proud to say that the Ozone Wifi service in our market boasts of download speeds of close to 10Mbps and upload speeds of 9.48Mbps. Customers who use the service once have got hooked on and we have seen close to 10,000 unique users in 2months” says Sanjeev Madan, General Secretary of the Market Association in Aurobindo Market.”