Mistress of Honour by Bhavnaa Arora #bookreview


Publisher Penguin Books Ltd
ISBN-10 0143425285
Imprint penguin
Number of Pages 224 Pages
Publication Year 2015 June
Language English
ISBN-13 9780143425281
Binding Paperback

A setting in the armed forces is always an interesting phenomenon, simply because I have been close yet so far. I have seen some of them close and yes it rings a bell.

This story Mistress of Honour by Bhaavna Arora has the right mix of those attitude which are pretty reflective of the armed forces. The Story revolves around the life and times of the characters and has a reflective poise to it with the background in Operation Bluestar as a intrinsic part of the story.

Thats when the hero and the lady protagonist meet each other. The story is well paced and the situations around the characters makes for an interesting read.

The characterization of the Potnis and Pansy in their different worlds and the passion towards career and the how they try to bridge their world makes it an page turning affair.

The story goes on a nice trail even when the past is narrated and holds the reader and makes you walk the scene beside the characters. The author has taken due efforts in understanding the background and it shows in the book and the way the story unfolds.

The story goes on with the kids too, a similar plot of the love and courtship. its got all speed and passion and narratives all blended in a style.

All in all a neat fast paced read, and the characters have a depth of their own and the story moves on as you keep turning pages. The author has very minimal characters and makes it a success in a way that the story is told.

My rating 3.5 Stars out of 5