Media and its narratives – a sad state of affairs


Watched TV after a long time, especially the news. Felt happy that I was not watching them all this while. So much of distorted reporting.

Sometime in my life, I wanted to be a Journalist, it was the most noble career after teaching, Infact I did take to the stage as a news reporter in my fancy dress competitions quite a few time during school days and rocked the stage at Mock Press during college days. Somewhere felt advertising was a calling and then left the journalistic urge fall by the wayside.

Looking back, now its a revelation in a way,  that the journos were the conscious keepers of the society, and you look up to them. But today its more of a propaganda made right with vested interest and leading questions to get something that they want for TRP. When news channels look at trp you can be sure what goes for a six, the values that instill in a sense of propriety that they owe to the viewers and the country.

I dont want to talk of Radia tapes and other stuff, but you know even in this profession there is this haves and have nots. But the regional players are much better off than their English counterparts when it comes to being committed.

The English media thinks out of the NCR/Delhi and they have no sense about the rural areas. That’s why you have Arushi case being peddled so much to tarnish the image of the investigators and the judges. I was happy to read an article on Ink Magazine about how the English Language media scuttled all that was done by the Noida Police during the first few days.

That the narrative can be led to what they want is the biggest bane that English Language Media has done to the fabric of the nation.

Now with Social Media they are fast losing relevance and very sad that some channels with less than 1% access to the population is dictating the narrative.

More so the worrisome factor is the trends of twitter setting the narrative, some 100 people tweet and make it a narrative. The fact that even 20% of the people dont have access to internet is lost on those who want to talk on every issue under the sun. Talking of which its the media savvy standup comics who are lending the commentary on the society, make it a sorry state of affair.

Hmmm so much to write after a long time. Will get on more frequently!

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