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The sound of love! #Feb14


These are crazy times when I would write a post about Valentine’s day. Not that I could do it the way I am gonna explain but I thought I will let my imagination fly and propose to her.

Those three words, well those three words are the toughest to say and you need to be sure that you are saying that to the right person.  I am sure you got to have a clear throat before you venture to say that to your loved one. Might be useful to pop in a Vicks goli, and may be have a mouth freshener and be fully agile after a nice drink of Glucon D or munching down a Perk – take your pick. Mind you this is going to be your make or break day! Never take chances.

So on that day, the first thing is taking up the role of the newspaper boy and get the paper delivered with a bunch of red roses. Try playing a song may be without inviting the attention of the neighborhood uncle. Only thing that should be done is to take care she picks up the paper!

Wait at the corner to find that. Get off from there. Surprise to be maintained.

Next stop. Bus Stop! Send a bunch of flowers through may be the nearest florist with a tag. Follow up to the work place. Already a special bouquet is placed at her table.

Chances are she might get to know.  I send a video message at 12.00 pm on her mobile…. and the same time there is a delivery of a beautiful Bluestone #SOUNDOFLOVE pendant.

If you thought we were crazy about love imagine the people at Bluestone, they got the wave of the words I Love You and made a design! You ask me are they for real? Well thats a kinda Physics marries emotion and gold eh??? That’s crazy psychology if you ask me. And mind you they have same day shipping that’s really a great way to surprise your beloved.

The best part of the unboxing is when she opens up the box, there’s this back ground music all around and then this is the highlight.  Enter the hero, yours truly and kneel before with a Red rose and propose!

Same time will have a cake – white forest to be cut for the day… no points for guessing the design is the new wave design of Bluestone Sound of love collection.

Now that Valentine’s Day is already planned I am now going to see the design in action especially the way they came out with the wave.


“I am participating in the #SoundOfLove activity atBlogAdda in association with Bluestone

Its never too late chase your dreams!

Never too late














As I was thinking what to write today I felt there was one thing that we don’t take ourselves seriously. Especially on chasing our dreams. We feel its too hard or we are too ambitious at times to chase the dream. And sometimes it will be that we think its too late to chase your dreams.

But if you look back at the best of the professionals or success stories it has always been that they have taken it up after people thought everything is over. Some days back I came across this infographic where it showed how people post 35 actually went on to make their life a success.

My favourite and a big guru of Advertising David Ogilvy started at 36. Here is an excerpt from an article:

“In 1948, at the age of just 37, David Ogilvy founded his first agency. It was named Hewitt, Ogilvy, Benson & Mather, a company that would eventually become Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide. Of course, Ogilvy wasn’t in this alone. The company was established on the back of an already successful London agency named Mather & Crowther, which quite handily was being run by his older brother Francis.

What’s more astonishing about this start-up agency is that, at this point in his life, David Ogilvy had never written an advertisement. Not even an idea for an outline for an ad. Some would call this arrogance. Others, stupidity. But Ogilvy had a confidence about him that was backed by hard work, astuteness and an irresistible charisma. He also had just $6000 in the bank. Not bad for an average joe’s savings account, but certainly not a fortune for an advertising agency in the heart of New York. From these humble beginnings, Ogilvy would build an empire.”

I think it needs conviction from one’s side to be doing what they want and achieve that by doing whatever it takes. The rest of the history of Ogilvy is for the world to see.

Just don’t let age be a factor in your pursuit of your dreams, may be there were other factors which were stopping you from chasing your dreams. Or in case you want more inspiration please turn to Colonel Sanders who started KFC at an age of 65.

Just think over this, in case you need to work on something it time to start now, may be you wanted to be writer, you wanted to own your garden or may be wanted to own a business close to your heart, its never too late! 

In case you want to check the image in higher resolution, please click:

Cheers to chasing your dreams!


One post a day 6/30

Khardung-La Chronicles – Day 4

A new different day and well we are now locals with almost three days of being in here in Leh, you would really develop contempt, that’s human nature but you don’t change your dress though its still cold and its still the same altitude and precaution is better than cure.

The car has arrived and the driver is already there and we are close to making the first road trip in the plains of Leh. The mountains are beckoning us as we see from the windows, looks like there will be enough challenges that would make the project interesting. What would life be without challenges and it would be mere pushovers for us if it was that easy.

And for those who dare life it doesn’t come easy, it’s exactly the premise that life holds forth so many challenges that we are deservedly there to meet it, otherwise we would not face any.

The car had arrived and we had some issues in getting them on ground.  Case of too much of Red Bull and it developed wings.

In peace time they say the armed forces are the best to help the civilians and here too the armed forces lent help to unload some of the things from the truck. Sometimes we get reminded that we are on that altitude and getting things at hands reach is not easy. So the trucks made their way to the Air Force base to get things sorted out.

It was nice to see them get the equipment on ground for us to take flight. Neel in the meantime was looking at the car he was going to drive. He has driven this car earlier to attest to the fact that ‘this was also my car.’

It took us almost a few hours to get settled with the equipments and more so with the car. Now everything is down here and the team RBR is full on with energy and enthusiasm as they put things together.

Even as the car was being readied word had spread that an F1 car was here in town. We had a regular stream of visitors both young and old. Some kids too had come in with parents to escort them. Lucky kids I should say, where on earth you would get access to touch a machine so revered by fans across the world.  An F1 car – in all its glory. The kids had a gala time even got to press the machine on the hydraulic jack to get the car to the ground.

Team RBR gifted them with some nice caps and the kids were happy… beyond words. The accompanying parents too were happy.

As work was getting long into the night, we were eagerly awaiting the car to be fired. Something was seemingly amiss and the team went into overdrive to fix it up and then finally the engine roared to life searing through the silent valley. It was finally P1 as the team puts it!

There is an early and a long day tomorrow every body said this to everyone. And it proved to be true far beyond our imagination.

R Senthilkumar