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ad:tech New Delhi 2012 gets bigger, better and bolder

Announces two more industry heavy weights as keynote speakers along with the global execs from PepsiCo and comScore

ad:tech, world’s No.1 Digital Marketing, Media and Advertising event, has announced that the upcoming event in February next year will live up to its promise of being bigger and better. The first Indian edition of ad:tech held earlier this year was hugely oversubscribed with as many as 2500 delegates attending the event. With the promise of getting bigger, better, and bolder, the second edition will feature more number of tracks and sessions in the conference, a larger exposition area, and will be held over three days instead of two days. ad:tech New Delhi 2012 will also showcase more than 80 industry stalwarts as speakers, including 7 ground breaking keynotes.

ad:tech New Delhi has announced a lineup of  global thought leaders as keynotes for the 2012 edition including Shiv Singh, Global Head of Digital, PepsiCo Beverages and Gian M. Fulgoni, Executive Chairman & Co-Founder, comScore, Inc. Arvind Rajan,  Managing Director & Vice President, Asia Pacific and Japan, LinkedIn, and Kent Wertime, Chief Operating Office, Ogilvy Asia Pacific and also President and Representative Director, Ogilvy & Mather (Japan) K. K.

Commenting on ad:tech New Delhi 2012 Rammohan Sundaram, Event Chairman, ad:tech India and Founder, CEO & Managing Director, Networkplay Media Pvt Ltd. said “Just like the last edition, we promise to make ad:tech New Delhi 2012 a confluence of leading global digital marketing experts. The event will cater to the best in marketing, advertising, digital, media and communications industries to empower organizations with knowledge to adapt to the ever changing digital marketing ecosystem. With continued growth in technology and use of social media, the event will present an interactive platform for marketers to discuss and share strategies that will shape the digital landscape of tomorrow.”

The agenda for ad:tech New Delhi 2012 includes two parallel tracks of insightful panel discussions with 18 sessions conducted by experts from the advertising, media and marketing industry. “It is ad:tech New Delhi’s earnest attempt to provide an ideal networking platform for like-minded professionals to facilitate meaningful conversations to explore new avenues in the digital advertising arena,” adds Ram.

The last edition in April 2011 included presentations by global experts like Babs Rangaiah, VP Global Communications Planning Unilever, Yahoo’s CMO, Elisa Steele, Google’s India MD, Rajan Anandan, among several others. It was at ad:tech New Delhi 2011 that David Fischer, VP of Advertising and Global Operations officially announced that the social networking site Facebook had crossed 25 million users in India.


ad:tech New Delhi announces its keynote speakers

After the successful launch of  ad:tech in India in April 2011, Networkplay in partnership with dmg events, has announced the SECOND EDITION of World’s no. 1 Digital Marketing, Media and Advertising event to be held on 22nd – 24th February 2012 at The Leela Kempinski, Ambience Island, Gurgaon, Delhi NCR.

The event will feature:

  • GLOBAL thought leaders of the industry as KEYNOTE speakers
  • BIGGEST & HOTTEST digital marketing and advertising companies on the EXPO floor
  • HANDS ON Sponsored workshops and Marketing Master series delivering immediate take-away value
  • Start-up Zone on the EXPO floor along with Premium Booths in the Delegate Area
  • Parallel tracks of ISIGHTFUL & ACTIONABLE industry specific panel discussions
  • Search & Social Pre-Conference MASTER CLASSES

Commenting on this, Rammohan Sundaram, Event Chairman, ad:tech New Delhi & CEO of NetworkPlay said “Post the grand success of the launch event in April 2011, we’re excited to present the second edition of ad:tech New Delhi which promises to be bigger, better and bolder! With a globally respected roster of keynotes, a bigger expo floor and pre- conference master classes, the event will help set digital strategy for the coming year. ”

ad:tech New Delhi has recently announced its first set of keynotes:

Shiv Singh

Shiv Singh, Global Head of Digital, PepsiCo Beverages – Shiv is a recognized digital marketer who focuses on how brands are being forced to transform with the rise of digital marketing and media. In his day job he serves as the Global Head of Digital for PepsiCo Beverages (across paid, owned and social media), where he drives PepsiCo Beverages’ digital marketing agenda working for the CMO of Global Consumer Engagement. In September 2009, he was recognized by Ad Age as a Media Maven and was featured on the publication’s cover. He is also author of the book, “Social Media Marketing for Dummies.”

Gian M. Fulgoni, Executive Chairman & Co-Founder, comScore Inc– Mr. Fulgoni has long been involved in the growth of hugely successful public companies. More recently, he served on the board of, a leading supplier of permission-based e-mail services. In 1991 and again in 2004, Mr. Fulgoni was named Entrepreneur of the Year, the only person to have twice received that honor.



Early bird registration is open and over 2500 senior industry executives are expected to attend this event in February 2012.

Mobile Advertising and the future!

The mobile advertising is in its nascent stage, but is loaded with immense possibilities and endless opportunities. While the media managers are trying to decipher the way people are responding, the fact remains that it will be one of the biggest advertising platforms in the near future.

The main reason of course is the reach that it can offer with a push of an SMS. For that part Short Messaging Service has now become Sales Messaging Service. Sometimes I do wonder where I left them the number to message me. While Indian public is not too keen on being proactive to being private we are ok with a few messages coming in from almost everybody who is selling.

Now the advent of the Chinese mobile handsets with features that match the best selling iPhone or a Nokia or a Blackberry, promises to take the mobile advertising platform to a new high. Innovations in the form of applications and other software make the usage of the mobile phone convenient and more user-friendly. The most successful applications will be those who can engage the audience in its effort to create an addictive and loyal base of subscribers.
Apart from this a look at the telecom industry in India would clearly suggest the fall in the rate of Voice platform across the local/STD and ISD platforms, and this will push the operators to launch a massive VAS platform across the board. It’s going to be the days of VAS though pay per user variable will be in vogue.

The latest BCG report on telecom industry in BRIC and Indonesia makes an interesting reading when it says that the next set of users would be introduced to internet through the mobile rather than the computer. Now that’s really a great phenomenon in the making especially in India. Internet mobility has the power to redefine the idea of broadband and bandwidth. With the advent of 3G, the opportunities are going to but only increase in terms of what the bandwidth can offer and also engage the users interactively at the palm of his hand. This would throw up a quite a new wave of advertising opportunities and learning opportunities for both the brands and also the consumer.

The best part of the mobile phone is that it’s a very personal thing for the owner. Then of course the reach is instant unless the mobile is not in his hands. It can be timed and more so it can be targeted so very easily and also be seen that how fast they respond and an SMS a minute old is a lost thing for ever. That’s the pace that the industry will be driven at, they miss your SMS and you lose a customer. This is where context and timing plays an important role. Though we might find it intrusive, it is here to stay. Chances are that we might find sms telling us a new café in the neighbourhood at 7 pm or 8 pm so that there is enough time for us to really explore.

Then there is the social networking which we are a part of whether we like it or not. Our days are getting organized by Facebook alerts and twitter tweets. Its no more personal diaries now. We find the best of brands in the Facebook. Recently Vodafone celebrated 1 million fans in the Facebook, that’s a remarkable achievement by any standard.

Now the big screen is being squeezed into the smaller one albeit a 7 incher ipad or say a Chinese make Olive and sometimes with Samsung galaxy’s and Nokia. An artificially created aura around the social networking has taken its toll with us looking for updates at every other second with a ping or twitter updates. It’s a fight for one-upmanship in all the spheres of social networking and this will replace all the communication aspects in the days to come, people will say I told you so on fb and twitter. So much is possible.

And people have now started adding applications every other minute to their mobile phone with a hope that they are not gonna be selective about being on chat or fb or orkut, they are infact looking for one application which will host all these and more on their mobile screen. All this at a cost that they are no more private entities.

Will discuss this and more in the next blog. Till then happy working!!!

R Senthilkumar

TED worth watching….

It happened in India and it was a great experience to see the whole thing unfolding at Mysore. Well I caught up with that through it was live….

This has opened up a new vista of knowledge sharing and has made me a big fan of TED. It is absolutely a fulfilling effort to take time and watch those videos and sometimes also download them for viewing in leisure…

Check this out on advertising… a talk by Rory Sutherland, advertising guru.

Click here to go to TED Page. The Indian TED talks will come up on 15th Nov, 2009 please check here and also bookmark this page.

Read Amit Varma’s rant on the TED India experience first hand….

Catch up…

R Senthilkumar

Rory Sutherland: Advertising guru

E-marketing a movie…

I know for sure that e-marketing has come of age even with the cine field exploitng it. I remember the first emailer for the movie, Indravizha a Namita & Srikanth starrer got into my mailbox. This time around its Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja. The emailer is slick to say the least.

See the mailer here

Watch the trailer of this movie of the year and a land mark movie for everyone involved in this mega budgeted in Malayalam.

I have always loved the portrayal of Mamooty and his charm on the historicals is always a treat to watch. Then there is the maestro of all music, Ilayaraja and it is going to be a visual and musical treat for sure.

Watch out for the movie, I bet you could come out satisfied. 🙂

The ads of Sleepwell

Of late one set of ads are really too good, those of Sleepwell with a tagline which says if you dont sleep well, it shows…

The first one is about cleaning your car and helping your neighbour take a nice ride in the morning…:)

The other one is the one at the mall or rather a convenience store where a mom picks up a different child and drags her along….to the shock of the kid and the real mother… 🙁

Well made ads those…

Have a look here…Car wash Ad

The Supermarket Ad

The CD Ad ( i haven’t seen this on the TV though)