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Look at my valentine! I,Me Myself! #unconditionallove


Being lost in love to yourself is the best part. And when you have a phone that can just let you be yourself, why do you need a Valentine? eh? Here goes the reasons why Asus Zenphone is the first and the last Valentine!

The High definition Display screen

Watch the images come alive on the screen with IPS technology rendering wide viewing angle to the display enhancing the video viewing experience.  And don’t forget you can navigate through multiple applications on this large touchscreen with ease. with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels it provides clearer images with brilliant contrast quality.

The power to be worry free is a great feeling!

Only when you have an Asus Zenphone do you think more of yourself than worry for so many things. You know when you are powered by Intel Atom Processor which is energy efficient and lets you do what you like talk or play without worrying for you battery

An third eye you would love!

A camera so great makes for your third eye, so you get pictures that others cant. Yeah when you have a 5 element optical high quality lens to click pictures and which has sensor with larger aperture allowing more light and delivering great and finer details to your picture. Click pictures like never before so those moments can be lived again.

As much as you would love yourself, you will end up clicking the most self loving selfies as you have a wonderful camera on the front. Click click click all the way everytime you enjoy being yourself.

Play like no one else..

You are a gaming freak and yes play like never before. With Intel inside and graphics supported you are in for a great time play and never a dull moment again. Your Valentine knows you better than ever.

Multitasking like you

There are so many things you want to accomplish and then ofcourse you get that done your way. Asus Zenfone is your companion helping you work getting it over multitask with the power of the Intel inside – browse the web, stream videos and play games all at a go..

The colour full panels 

Trust Asus to make it more colorful for all your occasions or your ward robe. The panels will make you flaunt your phone like a new one every occasion you go to. With s many colors to choose from this is going to give you the right match when you need.

There is enough and more reasons for you to choose Asus Zenfone as your valentine. I am sure this will be great match for those young at heart . S0 you meet your match with a Asus Zenfone. Check out the options that you have to get your most admired Valentine here:

Need more reason to see why Asus Zenfone will be your Valentine, watch this video…. making you feel good that you do have a valentine!

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You got a ping! – there’s a message on your mobile!

Social Media Week

There was a time when we could go on with our work without any hindrance. There was a time you had to be at the desk to be on FaceBook well orkut some days ago.

1994_phonesI remember the first  mobile some time in early 2000, I had was the Motorola almost the size of the Cordless phone that we had, the closest resemblance is the second one in the pic, the yellow monochrome screen would flash the number of the person calling in digital font if you can understand what I mean.

The cost was also not that cheap some 16 rupees for incoming and outgoing at double the cost. As days passed by, our regional brand Aircel made the first move making the incoming free and everyone followed suit.

The internet story was happening alongside with dial-up and other ISDN and things like that and the early social was orkut and some hi5 and some myspace et al. There were some other Indian sites with forgettable names. So we would wait for the evening to check what is happening to the orkut scraps as they we called and wait for some testimonials sometimes.

The times went fast literally in case of internet adoption it had overtaken all the media, the tv, the land phone etc… The mobile phones especially the smart fancy & most advanced with internet connections were sought after and did cost a bomb; not to forget the Apple series iPhone making it a way of life.

But all this changed when the Indian smart phone manufacturers like Micromax and Karbonn started it with a price that could be afforded by the large set of population and that’s when the Facebook and twitter came inbuilt and well the life has not been same again for the Indian population.

I am also lucky to be a part of that population who had access to a decent feature phone and upgraded to a smart Blackberry out of corporate style and then ofcourse to the Android next. All those times I have been connected 24/7 to internet and FB and twitter.

There was this innate urge to check them out, literally every now and then when there is a beep saying there is a message somewhere on one of those apps. On a personal  level it has closed the time gap in being in touch. I know what my friends are upto, the twitter timelines and what to expect that day at the news night.

You will have the best of the updated news and the most important things being discussed. You will feel as if you would have lost a part of yourself if you don’t carry the phone with you. There were times when you missed the phone at home and then felt as if you have lost yourself and get back. Its become a part of you, whether you are working or even when you go for a walk. You need it along with you.

Especially the social going mobile is the biggest thing that happened in this  century and the fact is that the next generation would be introduced to the social on mobile and to think we were all a part of the web based Facebook generation. I personally am a big fan of the same. The acquisition of Instagram and later Whatsapp by Facebook is a pointer to mobile first thinking by everyone. (you can read my blog on the same clicking on the names)

That being connected and being engaged got a new paradigm shift with the advent of social on mobile. There is a new generation of millennial  who are hooked to the mobile phone and everything is happening out there.

I would be missing out if the video and the messengers are not mentioned apart from the usual social. The songs then the videos from YouTube or any other player has come to be a part of the content consumption so much so that we don’t know how much of video content we are viewing.

As I am keying I have been served ads on an app named “Hotstar” promising to give all the tv content across the mobile screens. The mobile has for once and all changed the way we are, and the way we think perhaps the way we live.

Just take a look at this report and the future is going to be mobile all the way. “India — the world’s second largest Facebook audience – will surpass 100 million mobile phone Facebook users for the first time this year and by 2017, will have more mobile Facebook users than the US,” eMarketer said.

The above is a part of the report that appeared on Jan 22nd 2015 in the Economic Times, well not so long ago.

As we speak we have seen how social is an integral part of politics today with the result of AAP making a big win. We know both the victors in 2014 and now did use social to a great extent and ofcourse with precision that was characteristic of both the winners.

The mobile will today make the internet accessible to the most rural part of the country. And thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, the Founder of Facebook he has initiated in India today to give free access to internet in some states.

I am sure we can go on and on on how mobile has impacted us so much. I leave you with one small incident, a young techie had taught his mom to use a feature phone especially on how to text. Mom sent a message promptly the next noon asking – did you have lunch?

So much for bringing the family together even with a text. Imagine a Skype call or the voice on Viber or IMO. I am a happy go lucky guy simply because I got to study these and live these as a part of my job! What more can one ask for.

On the professional side there has been a big change with the apps and tools which help you and make things at ease. So you have all those things at the touch of a button or say a swipe or a tap.

Definitely as a professional in digital and internet of things and personally I am sure the mobile is a way of life going forward and ask me, the bandwidth and internet story has only just begun with the mobile enabling it  and making it happen all the way!

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Senthilkumar R

Get Quikr NXT! Chat your way to a sale!


SO Quikr is getting quick at innovation. Ask me why, simple the reason why people are getting on with Whatsapp, well you got ! Its the way people are getting to chat, like fish to water.

I have been a user already and some of the best part of the listing have already been detailed in my old blog post.

And when they announced the Chat as a feature I am sure the company has its customers beat with it. Now to the Chat Messenger NXT across the app and the desktop, thats a big leap for a classifieds site to do that a chat as a part of their service at no cost.


So here the screenshot show the NXT at the right hand corner and you are ready to chat away sell or buy things as you chat.

So why is it that great?? you ask me. Let me explain.  Take a look at the screen shot below!


There are many reason but lets take the three which impressed me the most.

1. Real Time : I want to sell it now! Well get on with that on chat. You know you got a customer on line. That’s the easy way it works. You know the party is online and then talk with them once you have initiated the chat.  No need to call and then disturb both ways.

2. Instantly Share Images: Well we all know a picture is worth a thousand words – truly put send them as many angles you want them to see the product and convince themselves before they buy it out. I think this is one of the killer ideas to have in the chat. Any doubt will be laid to rest and they can finalize the deal faster. And yeah it is done with a click as easy it can get.

3. Make your contact details private: Privacy Privacy and privacy! Oh forget that, unless you are a dealer, getting our number online is pretty tough. Open to tele-marketing calls and what not, and you might get calls long after the product is sold and many more instances where you just think why did I have to give my number to everyone even if they wont buy the product at the end of half an hour call!

Now that’s not gonna happen again. You decide to take a call only when you want to finalise for sure. Your number remains yours isn’t that a great way to sell or shop?

Apart from that you can archive the chats and also block unwanted chats too. Now who said you need to shout all the way to sell your products online. Chat your way to selling  or buying something you want to sell / buy.

Welcome to Quikr NXT chat.


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The advent of smartphones…


The last Friday, I was at school my alma mater for a reunion with my schoolmates to be precise. Given that the distance from home to school remains the same, it was walkable say some 2.4 km distance, these days we would be doing the same in a bike or a car. Time changes right.

I can also imagine those days of uninhibited roads without the kind of traffic and you could travel without worrying who would jump in front of you. We used to walk to school get the classmates enroute and the gang would reach there. Better still we would cycle all the way to reach there and not get late for the assembly.

Ok the reason I am writing this is when I went to the ground where the school day was being celebrated, I could see almost everyone  with a phone albeit a smartphone actually, i mean every kid was in conversation or fidgeting with the phone. May be this was a day off for them to use the phone.

Well I travelled back to my school days, we didn’t have a phone like this which we could carry with us. We were introduced to a phone the mobile phone to be precise towards the later 90s when the machine would be really big and you had to pay through your nose to make a call or receive one.

In between we had something called pagers that was the SMS part if you ask me and you had to call a pager service provider to  send an SMS to the person who had a pager. The technology had its failings to be only short circuited by mobile revolution.

Then the big changes had happened with feature phones, then the smart phones in the last 5 years! The phones have now become an additional part of your being. An extension of your personal self. You probably wouldn’t sleep without it beside you.

Its become the mode of communication, the messengers, the whatsapp et al. Whatsapp has become a verb than a noun or a name of a service today. It has percolated at all levels and if you know the best part is the ease of use that is driving the usage.

My point here was to take you to a different line. Has these things ever come in the way of the individual being the real one. Has it diminished the so called innocence factor atleast in out kids. Or we just looking at clicking pictures to post on social networks that we forget to enjoy the happenings of what unfolds in front of us.

As long as you control the machine its fine, when the machine starts to control you we need to pause and think over.

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Bank accounts of prosperity…











My friend Vishnu, who heads a ‘housing for all’ project worldwide, said the other day that the biggest impediment in disbursing a home loan is people not having a bank account to start with. Came to realize how important it is for every citizen to have a bank account. Home loan companies also can service the clients much easily.

And when the Prime Minister during his Independence day address spoke of the mobile phones and bank accounts in one sentence, I knew that a paradigm shift was in the making. This would call for some drastic changes in the way banking is done.

Infact a few days earlier over a twitter chat with one of my friend Raem Saeed, an expert on mobile, we discussed on how African nations have changed the banking into a convenience over a feature phone.

The regulations in the Indian banking system still doesnt allow practically to fully make airtel money or m-pesa work. As per prevailing regulations the mobile operator will have to end up become a banker with a bankers license. That would be really a great way to unlock the potential of mobile in banking and imagine sending money over mobile at a click of a button.

As we speak, in America, in the last few days square, a startup in payments has made the cash transfers so very easy with an app and it works even when the receiver doesnt have an app. And they are giving $1 to try that! How cool can that be!

Getting back to India, the mobile cash transfers will be a big dream come true for majority of the citizens especially in villages. This also will be an ideal transfer tool for all the govt schemes which has always been pilfered using unknown entities and other means. This to a great extent has the possibility of reducing govt expenses and also will ensure it reaches the right person.

Now that the large population will have a bank account, rest of the things should fall in place. This should also open up opportunities for them to seek new pastures and seek credit from the govt agencies. This will have a great effect socially. Women if they have a bank account their innate nature of savings will reflect in the banking system for sure.

All in all, this one initiative of the central govt will change the status quo like no other. The best part is that the state govts also see an opportunity to earn the goodwill of the people through the scheme. The next independence day could reveal the success for sure.

A small step. But sure and firm ones have definitely made man walk with confidence.



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The Review!

India is an opinionated country. We have an opinion on everything, from Narendra Modi to Smriti Irani to Chetan Bhagat to Salman Rushdie.

It does not matter what our pretensions are or our qualifications are, it is like our second nature to offer opinions and also make judgments. So when this becomes a part of your ideal situation in minimal words and a choice at that, it becomes interesting.

I came across a few days ago recommended via It was a refreshing site to me at first sight. It had only one thing I was asked to do – well State whatever I was about to state, if it explains literally. and a quick popup is the only way to interact makes it a very easy to do that. It also had a set of already existing opinions to choose and that would be easy to think. In case I wanted something new, I can always add that word.

That’s my home page on State

Suddenly it dawned on me that a word is so powerful that you dont need sentences to be opinionated about things around you. So it was a fascinating journey and I think I started off searching topics that would be interesting to me. It was evident that it was US content led but that didn’t stop me from identifying Rajinikanth or Narendra Modi or start a new topic Narendra Damodardas Modi – the Prime Minister of India.

I believe it would take some time for us to identify those topics across categories especially when we are logging in from India. The topics on the front page except the Information tech part would be totally different. The cricket is THE sports profile in India and may be the FIFA will take over here for the season in India.

I would prefer customization of the home page by geo targetting so that I get the best of what I am interested in from India and that adds to my participation more than search and state opnions  as I am doing it right now.

But the intent and the user interface makes it a breeze to use.  Really liked the user interface and the trends on the side bar and a refreshing the same with the click. You could invite all your friends to check out via social – fb, twitter…

Then you have tuning into the topic as well as people tuning to you to track you on what you are stating. That’s a nice way to keep track and following interesting people.

The sentiment on the topic will tell you what the world thinks quite a revealing stuff this with single one words that will stump you sometimes and you would quite be understanding.

So you wana try this state-ment  of yours, do login at state. Its easy to login with social handles and also you could publish everything from to all your social media timelines.

As you can see from the video, this might be the one you were looking for, may be give it a try and for all you know you might get addicted.

So my experiences has been that people do answer your opinion and say they agree or sometimes they dont, yeah we live in a democratic country ! I think I will use it more if I get more of localised content in here on the home page.

A good attempt to make opinions heard the rightway. The next time if someone asks you what good is your opinion tell them to State it on

From the digital marketing perspective, I see a big window for brands to do native advertising here on this site in a few days from now. Its quite an opportunity for brands to check what the sentiment is all about. It could come from a PR point of view and then the consumers would choose some adept words to describe it. Imagine brands being described in three definite words! Way to go possibly!

A great and a simple to use site should be rocking in some time in this part of the world.

This review is a part of the product review programme by about State.


Nokia introduces android based Nokia X at an affordable 8599/-


nokia_x_back_green (1)

Nokia X running Android™ apps launches in India

New Delhi: Monday, March 10, 2014 – Nokia today announced that the Nokia X, part of the new Nokia X family of affordable smartphones that run Android™ apps, will begin selling in India. The new Nokia X family that includes Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL is the perfect introduction to the world of Android apps, coupled with signature Nokia experiences, and the most popular Microsoft services.

“India is one of the fastest growing markets for smart phones in the world. With the launch of Nokia X, we are adding more ammunition to our smartphone portfolio. We believe Nokia X is a unique combination of Nokia quality and experiences, Microsoft services and Android™ apps. It will resonate with consumers and set a great precedent for the level of quality that can be achieved in the fast-growing, affordable smartphone segment.” Said Mr. P Balaji, Managing Director, Nokia India.

Nokia X comes with Fastlane, a screen which lets people switch between their favorite apps more smoothly. People can access curated, quality-tested apps from Nokia Store, more than a dozen third-party app stores and by side loading. All devices are also pre-loaded with a variety of very popular third-party apps and games such as BBM, Twitter, Facebook, Plants Vs. Zombies, etc.

Commenting on the opportunity Nokia X family offers to developers, Mr. Nami Zarringhalam, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Truecaller said, “Truecaller is at a very exciting juncture and it gives us immense pleasure to be associated with Nokia, which has been a preferred brand for many users over decades. Our alliance with Nokia alongside the X Series launch has helped us reach a broader audience.”

Out of the box, consumers can enjoy signature Nokia experiences including free HERE Maps, with true offline maps and integrated turn-by-turn navigation, and Nokia MixRadio for free music streaming and downloadable playlists. The Nokia X is also an affordable introduction to popular Microsoft services, including 7GB free cloud storage using OneDrive and additional 3GB if consumers enable camera back up.

Nokia X: an affordable introduction to the X family
The first offering is the Nokia X, a beautifully crafted smartphone with Nokia’s signature design approach and bold, bright colours. At only 10.4mm thin, the slim, durable monobody design features a 4” scratch-proof display and exchangeable back covers that come in a variety of statement colours. Inside, the device runs on the Nokia X Software Platform and is powered by a1Ghz dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

The Nokia X features two screens: home, which features a fresh, tile-based design and Fastlane. Fastlane is a dynamic record of how people use their phone, day by day, moment by moment. It captures everything people love: they need only to swipe once from the home screen to access Fastlane, see a record of recent activity, and switch between their favourite apps, smoothly. Fastlane has been completely re-imagined for the Nokia X family. People can return a missed call by calling or texting, accept or decline calendar invitations, or control the music player – all from within the Fastlane view. Fastlane is also more customizable and social-friendly than ever. People can select what appears on their Fastlane feed, read notifications from their social networks and update their status from within Fastlane, making the experience even more productive.
Product specifications and availability
The dual SIM Nokia X will be available from today in India starting at Rs. 8599 MOP. Additional specifications for the Nokia X:
• 4’’ capacitive touchscreen
• 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon Dual Core Processor
• 512MB RAM
• 3MP camera
• Dual SIM
• Up to 32GB expandable memory
• 1500 mAH battery
• Satellite GPS
• Accelerometer
• Available colours: Bright Green, Bright Red, Cyan, Yellow, Black and White

Await a review of the same.

Senthilkumar Rajappan

The Mobile first companies are the future…#FBbuyswhatsapp

When we woke up to the fantastic news of FB buying out Whatsapp for an incredible US$ 19 Billion, it was an inevitable moment waiting to happen ever since the Instagram buyout by Facebook last year if you ask me.

It was a big day where everyone including me made comments on the valuations and how the pricing could have been better and there were questions if it was worth the price et al.

It was also interesting to see how it was a classic rags to riches story of the founders. A wonderful reading of these two pieces here and here would reveal the  The ideal situation as I read is how the founders stuck to basics and that’s what is missing in our way of looking at things.  The best part for me is how could an app with over 450 Million active users say NO to advertising. Going by the blog from Sequoia  it has been different right from the start. Sample this…

From the moment they opened the doors of WhatsApp, Jan and Brian wanted a different kind of company. While others sought attention, Jan and Brian shunned the spotlight, refusing even to hang a sign outside the WhatsApp offices in Mountain View. As competitors promoted games and rushed to build platforms, Jan and Brian remained devoted to a clean, lightning fast communications service that works flawlessly.

As we fret over the price that FB paid it is becoming increasingly clear that FB is driving around without a clear cut mobile or mobile first strategy. As more and more platforms come into vogue and the interest begins to fade in FB, it will be interesting to see how they will restructure Facebook to make it relevant or spruce up the offering they have in Instagram and Whatsapp.

As I keep reading loads and loads on the acquisition, one things comes clear that you need to build a  no nonsense product and get the users hooked. The rest as they is history.

Two more aspects that the twitterati and the people world over loved is the fact that Brian was rejected by Facebook and twitter for employment. These I reckon are hard times for HR especially on how it could have changed the whole scenario.

The other aspect is that of No PR, it is everyone’s attempt these days that you need to be a part of the PR machinery but in this case of Whatsapp its been the other way round, the founders not even willing to meet up VCs lining up their office. Oh btw the office had no sign board literally. Sounds pretty cool detached as in the vedic way!

Back home we have the same template which played out in New Delhi elections, someone from the ruling party had mentioned this, had they passed the Jan Lok Pal, there would not have been IAC or AAP. I do think only similarity ends just up there.

It goes without saying that the mobile first is the way to go especially if you are trying to solve a pain point in the days to come.

Before I end I think this image will remain in memory for long…



I voted for India – #voteforIndia


Rahul changed his WeChat status to “Voted today, feeling proud! Have you?” He changed his profile pic with an image of his finger with the ink – a specialty dye that will take some time to go off.

Its been a nice day, and it was a nice feeling to be a part of nation building, he knew he has done his duty in right earnest, but there still remains miles to go for our nation as a whole – he thought.

A few minutes later his friends also buzzed on WeChat with updates and statuses.

A look at some of them and Rahul was feeling happy.

“A long line of people to vote” , “Another 10 min to Polling station”, “The candidate looks pretty”, and one more caught his eye – “The President is voting in my booth, and he is waiting for his turn”

How nice Rahul thought, and as he sat on his veranda overlooking the study, he could hear the television anchors going berserk on the voting and long queues at all the polling stations their reporters are visiting.

The last few days have been very incidental for Rahul and his friends or rather the people of his age. They have been vowed, courted and prayed for their support. There has been FB Page invites, Twitter pushes, Voice recording messages on phone and apps. Infact one party had an app to help him register his voter id, get his name located and showed up the way to his voting booth.

It also urged the users to disseminate information as much as possible. There was a referral program to get the friends their voting rights and the card whichever would help people vote.

The app was also a ready reckoner in a sense giving the details of the candidate, with his past history in terms of governance, and any criminal record would show in big icons. It was a big help they could get the candidate’s details especially when you get into a constituency.

There was also a lot of voice messages on WeChat from candidates and they were also offering themselves to be on a Q&A everyday in the evening.

The best was the message from the Election Commission to vote fair and free on the day of voting. It has been one of the best of the democracy at work. A new paradigm has been created in reaching out to the new voters online. Absolutely the social media has been at play.

Rahul was happy that he was a part of such a historic exercise and the generations to come will for sure have this election scripted in the history for the simple reason that social media and the internet made an impact for the better.

As the day wound, the statuses had become a unitary one “I voted!” It was not an individual’s vote but a #voteforIndia!