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The Best Seller She Wrote by Ravi Subramanian #bookreview


Publisher Westland
ISBN-10 9385152386
Imprint Westland
Number of Pages 392 Pages
Publication Year 2015 October
Language English
ISBN-13 9789385152382
Binding Paperback

The best seller she wrote by Ravi Subramanian makes you sit through till you have turned the last pages. Gripping drama spiced with love interest, sex, vaulting professional ambition and betrayal in equal measure.

The settings are simply awesome and the earnestness and ambitiousness of the young generation and how they take the means to the end and sometimes the way they take the road never travelled to make it happen are all highlights of this novel. I did find it a bit philosophical in a way that your family is bound to be the last place you can be yourself and there is nothing like your family to go back to.

Aditya’s character is a wonderfully woven one with a sub text how fame and money can make you lose your composure and how a bit of waywardness is going to cost as much as everything in life, is a character who will remain in your memory long after you have turned the last page.

A friend’s characterisation in Sanjay and the machinations are a revealing aspect of human emotion of jealousy and envy that pervades today under the guise of friendship, and other relationship.

The pace set by the author is brilliant and the way things happen and connecting the dots is something only Ravi Subramanian can pull it off. The techie in him and the Apple cloud is a delight to read. I remember a line where they said things were different when apple and blackberry were real fruits, you know what I mean.

The ‘I want in now’ generation and its remorse less way to famedom and ethereal affinity to money is characterized in an engrossing way.

A fast paced read and will make you realise the futility at times on what we are doing 24/7 in the name of work and everything else we call it work. Knowing it is going to be a Bollywood reproduction its got ample dose of explicit scenes for the reader. It was a little extra if you ask me.

All in all a great read for a novel in this genre, keeps your attention solid till it gets out. Probably doesn’t have those Ravi Subramanian’s signature of the Financial world stuff, nevertheless he holds your attention.

I took 2 sessions to finish this book. I loved the way the author chose to thank Bloggers and some of his little circle of creative people through this novel.

The marketing aspect of a publication is a lesson that every author would need and if you read this book then possible that you would end up with some insights on what goes behind the marketing of the book and definitely you would understand that writing is not the toughest part.

A page turner by any other name will be called the Best Seller She Wrote.

Here’s one trailer of the book 🙂

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Senthilkumar Rajappan

60 minutes by Upendra Namburi – a book review

60 Minutes

Publisher Westland
Publication Year 2014 June
ISBN-13 9789384030247
ISBN-10 9384030244
Language English
Edition 1st
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 372 Pages
Book Type Fiction Book

We all know that Corporate life is a high stakes game, and that is what is presented in the “60 minutes” a fast read by Upendra Namburi. At times makes us wonder if it could be so stark I mean the corporate way of life mixed with manipulation, sex, extra marital affairs and derailment of the adversary.

Sometimes makes you sit and smell the coffee if its ok to be doing whatever you want and achieve the goal. Obviously this is the generation which feels end is the focus no matter what the means. Thats some rant from my side!

The story revolves around two corporate professionals in question, Agastya and Sailesh and how they continue to take personal rivalries to their professional life and sometimes even at the cost of the companies to end up spending crores and crores.

The narrative is very fast as the author sets the time of 60 minutes to go into a press conference for a launch of a product and the every minute makes up for so much of action sometimes its streched but overall he has a hold on the things for the reader and the narrative being interspersed with flash backs make it worthwhile sometimes actually trying to justify the now!

The series of actions and the game of chess, the BlackBerry messenger chats to looking at the tab for the market info all are placed in a way to keep you hooked and add to the flavour of the moment, possibly you will be wondering will there be a message or will the bourses take a hit for Agastya.

It would make for film as good as Corporate if you make one.  The characterizations of the narrative sometimes is so stark and the protrayal of women needs much to be desired. Be it Maithili, Priyanka and the wives of the two men in the story.

As a story it lends itself to mass appeal of corporate culture and the has a alls well that ends well to it, but after a real acrimonious bout of ego clash and personal rivalry.

A fast paced and easy read this is bound to be a best seller. You could do it easily at a single stretch if you want and may be two sitting is all you will need. Since its got only three characters you need to work with its pretty easy to follow the story and I think author has got it pretty right and tight with those characters.

I would like to thank Blogadda for the opportunity to review this book!

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